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redCOMPETITION for redFORM ComponentPlugin

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Updated 21st September 2010

redCOMPETITION includes the following features:

* Unlimited amount of Competitions, Questions and Answers , Textarea, Select, Multiselect)
* Complete statistics over signups and newsletter attendance
* Draw a winner functionality
* Auto email looser and winners or only winners
* Auto email new registrations on sign up
* Integration with the open source mailinglist project PHPlist and the Joomla 1.5 native components ccNewsletter and Acaoom
* Integration with redFORM for contact information and other non-competition form fields incl. fileupload, username, email, fullname and lots more
* Content plugin for easy adding of competition to _ALL_ joomla content that supports content plugins
* Add custom styles to input fields trough backend and style in template css * English and Danish languages (looking for more - contact me if you are interested in translating to your native langauge).
* and much more...

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Reviews: 7
Once you actually get the component work to, it works great. There are some flaws and some diffuculties.

There is NO obvious link to any demos on the author's website so I ended up buying blind and hoping. The documentation is very lacking, could ideally do with a step by step guide.

To be able to use redcompetition you need redform, surely the two should be intergrated or the redcompetition use details from joomla.

I have a few problems right now, waiting for help on the authors forum, I hope the outcome is good because once this is all working correctly it should be great.
Owner's reply

The point of having redCOMPETITION use redFORM is that the progress and features of redFORM will spread to redCOMPETITION naturally.

This means that with the last release of redFORM you can now charge for participation in competitions through paypal integration - This also means that with the coming redMEMBER component you can integrate competitions in your community system, with prefilled fields in redFORM for the user.

So by having multiple components that can be integrated we can offer alot more and alot smarter features then you would else be able to.

But we do agree it works great - and our documentation for redCOMPETITION could prolly be a bit more uptodate, but with the new line of instruction videos we are implementing soon (and which has allready been implemented for redFORM and redLIST) i am sure it will be a lot easyer to work with for first time users.

Reviews: 1
I am a developer and during the development of a site, which has competitions feature, I chose redCOMPETITION. The component works well, I could create questions and answers and publish to the site and finally draw a winner from among the contestants. And if I need to display some more fields apart from questions and answers there is the redFROM, thanks to their seamless integration. Even I could integrate it with ccNewsletter so that if users participate on a competition then I could let them choose if they wish to subscribe to the newsletters. So far so good BUT here goes why didn't I rated it Excellent

In most of the competitions an user is generally allowed to compete only once. I couldn't find any places neither within redCOMPETITION nor redFORMS to simulate this feature. There is a unique setting on redFORMS fields however I think this is only useful on registration. If I set a field (email for eg.) to unique then publish it within the competition then the result is that users can never again appear on any competitions once they participate for the first time, simply becaue the field is gloablly unique not per competition. So there should be a setting to control a field such that its only unique per competition but not globally. Lack of this feature alone makes this component unsuitable for a production site. I had to hack the component myself to overcome this limitation and the hack was not easy at all.