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NS Mailer for Newsletter Subscriber Component

NS Mailer is a FREE!!! Joomla! component coming as an expansion for Newsletter Subscriber Module & Plugin.

With NS Mailer you can send a message to your subscribers using your mailing list file from Newsletter Subscriber.
With the same simplicity that made Newsletter Subscriber first in its category, NS Mailer is the completing expansion for the Free version of NS.
Endless times have I received a message from NS users that needed a simple interface to send their newsletters. Well, here's your solution.

Although NS Mailer does not support (until this version) features like inserting Articles in Newsletters or Automating Newsletters, NS Mailer has the simplest interface and after a one minute configuration, you can send infinite newsletters in no time!

Once again, like Newsletter Subscriber, NS Mailer does not use a database, and does not save any additional data apart from its parameters.

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