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Embed for Art Timeline Plugin

Embedding timelines in Joomla! articles has never been so easy. This plugin helps adding timelines from Art Timeline extension to Joomla! pages with code:

{arttimeline id="timeline_id"/}

Should be used with Art Timeline component.

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Reviews: 1
Working on a site for a local museum, I needed a timeline for the life of one of the patrons, and this plugin has done everything I need. Whilst it offers very similar functionality to the Google timeline widget, it is great to have everything integrated into Joomla!, allowing administrators to easily create new events and timelines within the back end. The CSS can be easily modified to fit with your site's template as well.

Support has also been first class. I had an issue with one of my timelines, so I emailed the developer - they had it all working properly within a few hours, and even gave me some tips on CSS styling.

I hope this plugin continues to be developed and enhanced. I have a number of ideas for additions, including allowing the use of event categories within timelines (with different colours for each category), which would be great. It would also be very useful if you could use different dimension settings for individual timelines (at the moment one size fits all - which is fine for my needs so far).

If you exclude the Google widget, this is the only plug in of its kind for Joomla!, and it does the job admirably. Recommended *****
Reviews: 1
...if we obtain exactly the same result with the free google widget ?