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Contact Enhanced PluginExtension Specific Addon

Contacts Enhanced Plugin allows you to display a Contact Enhanced form in a content article.
This plugin REQUIRES Contact Enhanced Component in order to work.

Contact Enhanced Component let's you have Unlimited Custom Fields*, Captcha Image to prevent robots to fill the forms, user's IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution, and many more features.

Compatible with MooTools 1.11, 1.12 and 1.2.x

* For performance reasons it is good to keep bellow 300 custom fields.

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Reviews: 1
Not only a good extention, but superb support and service, as well!
Reviews: 3
It was a nice surprise, not only the component itself, but the support!

Thanks IdealExtension for bring me this awsome solution!
Reviews: 1
This is the first review that I've ever written here, just like the reviewer below! I purchased this product based on these excellent reviews and I can see why they've been written. In addition to a smooth working contact form, I needed some paid javascript assistance from Doug which is not in my skillset for a more intricate piece of my form. Not only was he brilliant, but he was quick, in great communication and all perfectly executed. Thank you Doug! Caroline
Reviews: 2
I love this plugin. I have purchased it for at least 3 sites I've worked on. It does almost everything you need, and when it doesn't, the developer, Doug, steps in and helps out big time. The support is amazing. Anytime there is a problem Doug helps you fix it right away. He's even logged into my site directly to fix a problem. This is by far the best contacts plugin out there, and with Doug in the driver's seat, I know it is only going to get better.
Reviews: 2
What more can i say? I am just a fan of products since 3 years ago. The support and commitment to better the product never cease to amaze me. Keep it up.
Reviews: 3
Top marks!

This is a fantastic solution and exactly what I needed to have a contact form within an article as needed.

Requires Contact Enhanced, a commercial component, but if you read my review on that, then it's a small investment to make for something so powerful and configurable.
Reviews: 26
If you need this form in an article this is perfect. Very reasonable price too.
Reviews: 2
The reason I am writing this review is because I'm extremely pleased with Contact Enhanced and now, with this new plugin I have purchased
Combined with the Contact Enhanced component, this plugin makes for a prefect form generator. Since I have been using contact enhanced I have been able to deliver my clients with whatever form they desire.
This plugin is not expensive at all and it allows users to place a form, anywhere in their articles.
Reviews: 1
I love this extension- and the outsanding support that goes with it
Reviews: 7
I was already a happy owner of Contact Enhanced Component, but suddenly Im faced with the challenge to publish forms inside articles. It turns out Douglas had a solution for that (of course he did). I think he answered my email within 2 minutes and pointed me to the solution and was even helpful in styling the form afterwards.

He provides the best support I have ever experienced... and I have bought many other extensions, believe me.

Reviews: 3
I already was sold on the Contact Enhanced Component by this developer, when I came across this plugin. I needed a way to include my form within an article so that my client could easily edit the introductory copy. And this does exactly that!

Support also, is stellar. I had a question about the way the plugin performed and within minutes, I had an answer from Douglas and soon after that, a solution!

I highly recommend the component, the plugin and the developer!