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HikaCoupons for Hikashop ComponentModulePlugin

HikaCoupons is the ultimate tool for issuing discount coupons for HikaShop. It allows you to issue up to 13 different types of coupons in your Hikashop e-shop. It provides you with full control over the generated coupons while it shares the same graphic interface with Joomla making it easy and efficient to work on.

1. You create the coupon types that you are interested in. (you need less than 1 minute for it)

Example a: You want to give discount coupon to every user that registers on site.

Example b: You want to give discount coupon to any user that makes an order that exceeds, let's say, 200€.

2. You save and publish the coupon type.

THAT's IT !!

Now when a user registers he will get a discount coupon (example a). And when a user buys some stuff that their price is bigger than 200€ he will also get a discount coupon (example b).

All customers are notified for their discount coupons with email and SMS (you can choose the way you like it).

* 13 DIFFERENT TYPES of coupons:

1. When a user registers.
2. When an order exceeds a certain purchace amount.
3. When a specific product is sold.
4. When a registered user invites friends of his, to the site(Confirmation is made when the friend registers onsite).
5. When a registered user invites friends of his, to subscribe on ccNewsletter.
5. When a registered user invites friends of his, to subscribe on Acymailing.
7. Coupon issued based on the payment method.
8. Coupon issued based on the name of the user(You can issue coupons to customer on their namesday).
9. Coupon issued based on the user shopper group.
10. Coupon issued for a specific product category.
11. Coupon issued when a user likes your fanpage,FACEBOOK
12. Coupon issued when a user tweets a message,TWITTER
13. Coupon when a user shares a message on Google plus,GOOGLE+


* Assign the manually created coupon to specific products, categories, taxes and zones.
* Supports SMS by Clickatell. The user can get his discount coupon via sms (and email of course).
* Generated coupons are stored both on Hikacoupons table and Hikashop discounts table.
* After editing the generated coupons, they are updated both on Hikashop and Hikacoupons.
* No core code hacks
* Compatible with Joomla 2.5
* Very easy installation
* Email templates for all coupon types
* Inform the users by mail X days before any coupon ends.

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Reviews: 13
This extension promised to be very simple and easy to use and to extend hikashops functionality, not true.
This extension promised to be very simple and easy to use and to extend Hikashop’s functionality which it does to some extent.
Pros- easy to install and that is all.
Cons: No documentation, I have seen better help docs for free extension. Does not work with SEF plugins, this failing makes it virtually useless as links generated by this module will take you to a page without any modules in it. This is bad for an ecommerce site as the cart, wishlist and other essential modules don’t display in that page.
Level of support received was low and glib one line responses are not helpful. This extension needs work to develop documentation and ensure it is compatible with other common extensions.
I have been using Joomla for about 5 years, built about 5 websites and have experienced a lot of extensions. I write CSS, some HTML but avoid php where possible so I am not an expert. I think this module is for developers who can integrate and iron out the bugs. If you want to get on with the business of running your business don’t waste your time or money.
Owner's reply


yes the truth is that we don't have a manual at this time but the support forum answers all the questions within 24hrs.

About the links, probably you didn't understand some things about the component.

Hikacoupons doesn't create any urls and it has nothing to do with SEF urls components. This is what we answer you in our forum too.

Reviews: 12
Great support. Nice little extension to encourage more users to your shop and site. Thanks