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Affiliate Tracker for HikaShop PluginExtension Specific Addon

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With this add-on, you will be able to start a full Affiliate Program for your HikaShop site. Increase your traffic and your sales in HikaShop, comission sales to your affiliates, track referrals, and pay online.

This extension extends the capabilites of HikaShop and Affiliate Tracker to provide you all the tools you need for Affiliate Marketing in HikaShop:

- Let users become your partners by applying for affiliate accounts in your HikaShop Joomla site
- Affiliates will be providen with the affiliate link to place in their sites
- Affiliate Tracker for HikaShop will track all affiliate referrals and log the visits
- Affiliate Tracker for HikaShop will log all affiliate sales
- You can approve those sales and reward the affiliate with a comission for confirmed purchases
- You can pay your affiliates whenever you want using our online payment plugins (PayPal)

- Automatic affiliate ID tracking
- One centralized area for everything: integrates with HikaShop, HikaShop, RedShop, PayPlans...
- Multiple accounts & comissions per affiliate possible
- Define your own conversion types (simple API provided)
- Pay your affiliates online (PayPal)

Front-End (what your affiliates will see)

-Users can apply to be affiliates
-Users can request multiple accounts (different IDs, different tracking links)
-Affiliates can view conversions approved
-Affiliates can view commissions earned
-Affiliates can view log of traffic they generated
-Affiliates can view payment history

Back-End (what you, the site admin, will see)

-See all user accounts, approve or reject them
-Set the comission per account, independantly (different accounts can have different comissions assigned, percentage or flat rate).
-See all account generated traffic
-See conversions generated, approve or reject them, set their comission.
-You can manually set any comission or number at any point
-Get notified by e-mail when users apply for new accounts, or when new conversions are achieved.
-Create multiple payouts for multiple comissions for your affiliates, pay them online when you want.

-Track all referrals, see the IPs, see the referer links
-Filter results and search by date range, account, user...

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