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K2 Links for Advanced Link Extension Specific Addon

Brought to you by Akeeba Backup's lead developer, the K2 Links for Advanced Link allows you to use JCE's advanced link feature in order to seamlessly link to K2 content items. A short list of features:
- Integrates into JCE's Advanced Link (AdvLink) window - that's what you get with the "Insert Link..." command you get with the right-click popup or the link icon with green cross on JCE's toolbar ;)
- You can toggle it on/off for certain users, just like any other AdvLink extension.
- Displays K2 categories as a drill-down tree, no limits on level depth.
- If a K2 category contains not only items but children categories too, it displays both.
- Intelligently includes the correct Itemid on linked items. Don't let Google think you've got duplicate content on your site, right?
- Link to K2 Tags (NEW!)
- View and link to K2 items belonging to a specific K2 tag (NEW!)

IMPORTANT: Version 2.x is only compatible with JCE 2.x. The previous version of the plugin (1.0) for JCE 1.5.x is no longer supported.

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Reviews: 1
It works like a charm! Simply read the instructions and refresh the browser to update javascripts and stuff. Simple, easy and useful
Reviews: 38
Very usefull free plugin!
It must be installed as JCE extension.
Reviews: 4
Very easy to install, works perfectly. I didn´t have any problem to install. Congratulations, excellent extension
Reviews: 3
I just gave it a try with J 2.5 and it worked like a charm!! Thank you for the great plugin!!
Reviews: 5
Just Thank you for this plugin. I love Joomla and K2. Of course, I need JCE Editor because it makes my life easier. This plugin is all you need for advanced links in K2.
Good job!
Don't forget!
Install first JCE Editor 2.x, then in JCE Administration panel, click on Install Add-ons, to install the plugin.
Reviews: 26
I've been using this for years and it's a fantastic plugin. Really makes life easier for me, and my clients. I've never needed to seek support, as it just works!
Reviews: 12
A great plugin from the lead developer of Akeeba!
Theres a handful of extensions and plugins I always install when starting a new Joomla site, this is now on that list!
I cant believe I only just found it!
Brilliant work Nic!
Reviews: 6
Does what it says, and it's free, which is why I choose Joomla! and open source to begin with. Now, I just need more experience using K2 :).
Reviews: 8
Works exactly as expected. Easy to install. Easy to use. You can link to K2 items and tags from the Advanced Link Manager in JCE 2.
Reviews: 4
Good job Nikos! Thanks for sharing this helpful plugin with us :)
Reviews: 8
This makes K2/JCE work together by allowing you to build links within JCE to K2 content items.

Thanks for creating it!
Reviews: 11
K2 is awesome
JCE is awesome

and this plugin connects them!