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Virtuemart Links for Advanced Link Extension Specific Addon

This is a VERY GREAT plugin for Fast creation of links in JCE Editor with JCE Advlink to any Page Virtuemart component!

1 The creation of links to Virtuemart component:
Link to any category or subcategory
Link to Any Product details
Link to Product AddToCart
Link to Product Ask
Link to Account Index
Link to Account Billing
Link to Account Shipping
Link to Account Orders
Link to Cart
Link to Checkout
Link to Search
Link to Registration
Link to Download Area
2 A link is inserted into the correct Itemid
3 Work at the site and admin panel
4 Support JCE 2.x
5 Support Virtuemart 1.x and Virtuemart 2.x

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Reviews: 11
Have installed and let my client use 'Virtuemart Links' up to Virtuemart 2.0 and Joomla 2.5.16 with success so far. In both VM product's descriptions and Joomla articles (e.g. blog). I support both previous reviews.
A possible improvement would be to allow type & search a VM product in order to link faster (like it for standard articles), as well as inserting the product's thumbnail.
Reviews: 1
This plugin allowed me to link to product detail from an article without the usual organization of VM. It should be added to Virtuemart base because it is really useful and allows me to have a different navigation on my website. I had a small bug on my site and the support was very nice.
Easy to use : you make a link as if you do in JCE.
I save time! Great job and thank you!
Reviews: 52
This product worked out of the box as expected. No problems, just works!