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PHP-Code for the JCK Editor Extension Specific Addon

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Price: 2012-03-14
Version: 2.5 Edit / 2012-03-14
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JoomlaCK Team
Commercial - GNU/GPL
Under Subscription

PHP-Code is an extremely powerful JCK plugin for developers. It works to preserve your PHP code while Joomla! PHP execute extensions such as DirectPHP will evaluate your PHP. All this means that you can now execute PHP scripts in Articles!

It works in the editor’s WYSIWYG mode with a beautified syntax highlighter. These pieces of PHP code can then be inserted into the page at the cursors location! Once this has been done the editor will marked the script with an editable PHP icon. By clicking on the editing icon the plugin will activate and display the code ready for the administrator to re-edit and modify. All this is done with a simple mouse click!

NOTE: For this plug-in to work you will need to install DirectPHP or with any Joomla! PHP execute extensions – so it is extremely flexible!

NOTE: Please note that this plug-in will add the PHP tag for you

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