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Top for jDownloads Module

This native module for Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.1, shows your the most downloaded files from the jDownloads component.

Languages: english and german.

This module exists in different releases for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.1. So make sure that you download the correctly version for your Joomla.

This plugin is for the jDownloads 1.9.x series only. Do not use for the new jDownloads 2.5 or 3.2 series. The new series comes with some modules and plugins as a part from the installation package.

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Reviews: 5
This module does everything it says it should do and does it well. I installed it, made sure the jdownload setting was correct and it instantly appeared. Upon reviewing the parameters in the backend, I can see that the developer took plenty of time and care to address detail, presumably to help us tailor to specific installations and views of our download materials. I am really impressed! Thanks to the developer for making such a clean, customizable module for us.

Before anyone complains about sh404sef problems, where the categories work fine, insofar as SEF urls are concerned, but the details pages do not work, make sure you download the latest fix for your sh404sef plugin. I updated to the latest version of jdownload, which is 1.8.1 at this point, but did not update the plugin. This was my fault. So, the urls going to specific download details used to be in the form of: mysite/, but the updated sh404sef plugin file corrects this. If you see this problem in your installation, get the fix and it will be fine!

Please everyone, take the time to research things before giving a bad review to others. The true problem might be yours, as it was in this case, not the extension!