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Ajax Search Closesproperties for Jomres Extension Specific Addon

This plugin is intended for mobile users to be able to search near properties to it's location for a given radius.The plugins uses geolocation html5 api to get user location and retrieve properties closes to a radius area given by the user as a dropdown selector or also the site admin is able to pre configure a radius. The plugin renders the found properties using ajax behaving exactly as the popular jomres Ajax Search Composite core plugin.

V 1.1 Added availability check parameter, shows a new dropdrow that let users to choose to only show available properties for today.

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Reviews: 4
We have 40% mobile traffic on our website and many guests are in cologne when search. Guest see position and availabel proerties around this position and can book it online. This plugin help use to generate bookings from mobile phones and reduce bouncerate frommobile traffik.