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FirstFriend for JomSocial ComponentPlugin

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First friend is a jomsocial plugin & component that will send a friend request from one or more user id's to all new members when they 1st register, much like myspace where tom is your first friend. Also First Friend will send a welcome PM & email to all new members when they first register on your site.

When you combine First Friend with the GeoCoding Suite from socialables you can automatically send friend requests based on location. E.g. everyone in Australia can be automatically made friends. or everyone is the state of Washington etc...

Letter Logic has become Ultra Powerful, now you can send custom emails, pm's, gifts, friend requests and email attachments based upon the profile selections a user makes, Join our site and choose your gender to get an example of how it works.

You can even make a user friends with other users based on profile selections

You can send a one way request with a note based on a profile selection causing first friend to work like a suggestion system.

Emails are sent out in the normal email que of jomsocial.

Please note that Mass friending will make everyone on your site friends with each other, do not use it unless you want this to happen.

If you do hit mass friending a backup of your connection table will be taken, you can restore your connections with the backup if needed.

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Reviews: 2
This extension broke my site and the support was so poor (eventually they refused to respond) that I had to uninstall it and take steps to repair my site. As you can see the last update was a year ago, and they aren't staying on top of changes. Greg said in one email, "...although it is possible Joomla changed something in the latest .14 release, honestly I havent checked."

The issue with this extension seems to be a problem with the fact that Joomla no longer makes the admin ID 42. They didn't know this, and so when the extension looks for ID 42, of course it's not there, so you get a big error message across the top of your page. The only way to get rid of it is to go into PHPMy Admin and start changing ID numbers.

They promised a fix... "when I get into the office I can send you a custom fix for it. Sorry for the trouble." but it's been over a week since I first contacted them and they won't respond to my emails (or calls) any longer.

This would be a helpful extension if it was up to date and supported, but at this point it's probably useless for anyone using the latest version of JomSocial and Joomla.
Reviews: 3
The idea is good and it does work.

However the documentation is a joke. It is appalling and the support is a joke - complete rubbish.

If they bothered to actually put together some decent documentation and tutorials on how to set this up it could be a brilliant extension, but as it is it took me AGES to work out how to set it up properly and this mainly by gleaning tips from other users who'd had the same problems as me.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry documentation on the website is lacking, however in our newer versions we have built-in detailed and thorough documentation into the component itself, every item has a tool tip which explains its purpose, the areas which are complicated have step by step procedures which are clearly outlined.

Also if you ever have any questions about the extension you can call us during business hours or send an email to we respond to every every email of unless of course you are rude, obnoxious or spamming

Reviews: 4
I've been using first friend for several years now, and recently had to update after migrating my site to 2.5. The component it self works good but they are seriously lacking in documentation. Luckily I was able to get answers quickly through the contact forms. If they had good documentation this review would have been 5 stars.
Owner's reply

We have taken note of the lack of documentation and re-worked the component to contain much more documentation and instruction.

We have also changed the way letters/rules and friending work to be more of a step by step procedure so that it's easier to follow.

If you ever have any questions or need hands on help you can call us directly at 971-832-9327 or email us at

Please note that we do keep standard business hours so angry emails about a lack of response on the weekend or late night are really unfair. We do offer Urgent methods for contact under our contact list for true emergencies..

Reviews: 22
This is a small feature but it makes a big difference. It's definitely worth the few $. Now, every new JomSocial member has a "friend" when they join. How many times have you seen a community and almost all members have 0 friends? No longer with FirstFriend! And with Gift Exchange, they also get a free gift when they join. It's actively developed too, with a new release every month. Check it out!
Reviews: 1
5 Stars!
4 for support speed but its all working as it stated, great and useful...