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My Albums for JomSocial PluginExtension Specific Addon

A quick-installable plugin that lists all your albums on your JomSocial apps page

- sort your albums by: addition date (ascendant or descendant), album chronology (ascendant or descendant), alphabeticaly (ascendant or descendant)
- add optional filters to your tab:
* filter by artist
* filter by format
* filter by album type
* filter by tag
* search by freetext keywords
- useful pagination featue included (you can choose how many albums to display at a time)
- perfectly integrated into JomSocial's profile page, links to Music Collection album pages
-let the users on your site see what album you have in your collection
-perfect for starting or improving your music community site!

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Reviews: 1
THIS PLUG IN IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!! this enhances the look and feel of any community or social feel of your site if you're using Music Collection. The best part of it all i was tweaking and asked for help and they were on it the very next day! Every profile now looks hot and shows neatly album stats from the plugin...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Reviews: 6
I love Music Collection, and until today I didnt know that this plugin existed. It is perfect, because it enhaces the "community" or "social" dimension of Music Collection
You can list the albums in the jomsocial profile, and thats a great way to access them. And the good thing is that it keeps the same look and feel than all the albums in the site
Clean and simple. Must have for a social music communi in joomla, no doubt