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My MP3 player and Podcast PluginExtension Specific Addon

This Jomsocial application integrates a great flash mp3 player on user profiles. Each member can manage, and edit his own playlist, uploading mp3 files or linkin distant ones or streams and removing them. Members can also fully customize the player such as any color (background, playlist, buttons, controls, slides, over, etc....) but also size, loop, autoplay, shuffle, volume etc... The upload form can guess ID3 tags or user can use their own title or artist name.


1. Podcast rss xml file updated for each member each time his playlist is updated
2. Popup window to keep on listening while browsing the site
3. Embed feature allowing visitors to add members players to their site or myspace etc...
4. Notifications to shoutbox and service to announce new playlist entries on users social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, myspace etc...
5. Mini MP3 player embed in activity stream
6. Adsense integration

Finally, administrator users can browse every members playlists in front end and remove inapropriate files...

A must have for any Jomsocial driven site (we also have a Community Builder version )!

This plugin has also a dedicated module showing the users with the largest playlist on profile. Get it from product page.

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Reviews: 31
the idea is excellent and well done about this plugin,,it does work aswell and the support is really helpful :)
Reviews: 3
Great product. I had little problem at first but support was very fast. My users like it.
Reviews: 4
We have a website that features a plethora of independent musicians. The request kept coming in for us to allow them to feature their own music in JomSocial. I hesitated purchasing this plugin for almost a year. The website would switch languages on me and I was just not confident about security and a successful transaction. No worries. It all worked out perfectly. Installation and music upload in 5 minutes. Works perfectly!
Reviews: 2
This unique plugin is worth the money. You won't find another player out there like this at the current time. It's very useful in bringing music to your site the JomSocial way.

The support is on point as well. I had a little javascript issue with my modified Jomsocial template and the developer was very useful and patient in helping me figure out the problem.

Two thumbs up!
Reviews: 6
This is a PRIME plugin to have tied to your JomSocial component.
It works great and REALLY gives something to your users to do.
I am using mine with the settings enabled, and its working just fine ( now )
There were a few problems in the begining before the release was placed here on Joomla but thats all taken care of now.
The developer was really great in helping to solve the problems ( on my end )
It integrates activity perfectly to my activity stream and also works well if you are using the
plugin for JomSocial too.

Good work mate