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XiUS for JomSocial ComponentModulePlugin

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XiUS is a JoomlaXi User Search Engine for humans which is used to search User by user's content at Joomla Websites.
# Improves JomSocial search
# Can perform complex user search queries
# Can create unlimited lists
# Admin can configure search-able information
# Data Range Search can be specify for advance search
# Optimized to search thousands of users without performance bottlenecks
# Provide emailing functionality to filtered users

1. Specialized to search users : It is crafted specially to search users in Joomla websites.
2. Search Complex Queries : It can search any information in any Joomla Table via relevant plugins.
3. Super Fast : XiUS caches users data into search-able information, and it results into Superfast Search.
4. Flexible : XiUS is designed for flexibility, Every aspect of design can be overridden.
5. Privacy Aware : Whole search system is privacy aware, so non-public information is safe.
6. Extensible : Major power of XiUS comes from its extensibility, By plugins you can change any functionality or behavior of system.
7. Proximity Search : Geo searching used to search user's according to location. Search user according to location by using Geo-code. For eg.: you want to search all users in 1000 miles.
8. Admin can easily hide confidential information from any kind of users.
9. Provides progressive and easily adaptive emailing functionality to send e-mail to filtered users by using XiUS Email feature.
10. Admin can set accessibility criteria on Search-ability, visibility and sort-ability to Joomla, JomSocial and JSPT Profiletypes User Groups through XiUS Privacy.
11. Support multiple templates.
12. Integrate with JomSocial as users requirement.
13. Easily editable and manageble of User list by List management and List Privacy.
14. Integration with Joomla Search.

Important :
- Starting from JomSocial version 1.6, our extension works in hack free mode, so you can update JomSocial without any breakdown.
- Required PHP 5.0 or greater.

This extension is also compatible to these extensions -
Multiple Profile Type :
Profile Completeness :

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Reviews: 2
It makes claims of "2. Search Complex Queries : It can search any information in any Joomla Table via relevant plugins. "

Except it can't not in any real terms...

It can search them sure but rather than as is implied returning a set of search results on the 'Any Tables' it appends these to the user table and shows them as a user attribute rather than as a set of search results for the chosen table/ info criteria you've selected.

Which of course is an entirely different thing. Previous support form Joomlaxi was superb however in recent times the forum is now littered with comments which suggest the current team doesn't know their components or indeed understand how they work. There's thread after thread of support deskers saying no it doesn't do that only to be asked to reread the question and answer what's been asked. The stock answer has gone from how can we help to no it doesn't work like that, when often it not only does work like that but the entire focus of the question has been missed.

Shame in the space of around 3 months they've gone from hero to zero, thank goodness their code is GPL here's hoping someone else picks up the code and returns the service levels and components to the previously high levels and support standards joomlaxi used to provide.
Reviews: 1
This is the first time I have bothered to review anything on JED. If i could review the joomlaxi/payplans/readybytes team rather than just XIUS I would, as I actually use most of their products. So consider this to be about the team:

They are excellent. Working with them is a pleasure. I submit tickets during the day - often for help on custom issues that many people might consider to be beyond support scope - I go to bed as India comes online and I wake up with a set of answers - and they're the right ones! it's great! Very refreshing in the joomla community where extension support is a hit or miss proposition.

Particular mention goes to Vivek, Bhavya, and Rimjhim Jain who always seem to be prepared to go above and beyond expectations. You're a great team. Keep it up.
Owner's reply

Thank You very much for your kind words.

Your appreciation has made our day brighter and the Team Ready Bytes more enthusiastic.

We are very glad that we could help you out and your words will always motivate us to serve the best.

May God Bless you!

Reviews: 2
The best component ever. The support staff is fast and they know what to do. 5 stars for them.
Reviews: 1
At first we must say that all the Joomlaxi plugins have a very high quality.
But XIUS is a very special one, because we have a dating platform and a good search is really necessary. XIUS fits our needs perfectly. The plugin has a lot of settings and after a while you understand everything really good.
But the most important part for us is the support. We had several questions and some custom works. The Joomlaxi Team helped us fast and to our satisfaction.
I recommend the XIUS Search plugin for every Joomla user who needs a perfect Search engine with a mass of settings.
Reviews: 2
Have a question ? They will answer. Need help configuring? They will provide. I am amazed, this plugin saved me and my site. No trouble, no headaches, just install and use. Customizations are easy and code is clean. Great plugin, Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This module does a great job for what I wanted. It can be a bit tricky to set all the parameters but I received excellent support and got there in the end. Lovely to deal with. Thanks again!
Reviews: 2
I was very pleased with the installation and configuration; made multprofiles a usable feature. However once installed my client had additional request beyond what the extension was designed to do. I contacted support and they not only lead to the appropriate “Tips and Tricks”, but also took the time to help me reconfigure code to meet the needs of the client. The added support really streamlined the search function and help make the site user friendly. Again; Excellent extension and awesome support!
Reviews: 4
I cannot say enough good things about this extension. I have a site with almost 500 members and the JomSocial search did not cut it for finding information. This extension was so easy to use and very customizable, and allowed for much more flexible searching. The support team at this company is wonderful. Rimjhim worked on an issue I had with menu links and solved a problem that was my own error! Excellent product, excellent support!
Reviews: 1
We had a small problem with CSS we couldnt deal with. They helped us in less than 48 hours with great support, pattience and in a very professional way. We found a solution for classifying and search more than 20k users of our site. thanks!
Reviews: 7
XiUS is the one and only tool for searching Jomsocial.

It's highly configurable and absolutely a must when you use Jomsocial, however the system is very big or smaller as small.

Some words about the support-team:
I had some very special needs and questions and all the people were extremly helpful and very quick in answering and delivering solutions.

Highly recommended!!!
Reviews: 5
user search in jomsocial is point blank not so useful..n lacks many things.
this extension completely takes over the jomsocial search and produces stunning performance.
a cool product if you want your social network to search each other and exlore, connect and grow...

the support for the product is excellent.. special thanks to vivek.. who talks so politely and goes extra mile to solve any trivial issues it might have.

the product is easy to use for an joomla administrator and supporting documentation are quite good with new videos its getting better.

overall a must buy.. if you are using jomsocial..
Reviews: 1
What a great product!!!!!!!!!!

Jomsocial becomes a lot more useful in terms of finding the kind of users people might want to connect with. Especially when used with Jomsocial Profile Types members can target the people they link up with based on all kinds of profile fields or types.

I used the dependent field search for Country, States, City and with the great support I received from Manish the product worked like a charm.

This takes the guess work out of social networking in a way that makes a site much more useful for all members .

With any add-on the support for the product is what make the different. The support provided by this team itself worth ten time the cost of the product.

Manish I can't thank you enough!
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension for my dating site. JomSocial's dating search module is limited and I stumbled into this extension which gave me flexibility in building my own search criteria.

I totally loved it. Plus, Kudos to Manish, who extended great support in helping me with ALL my questions re: translations and INI files since I have a multilingual site. He was quick and very accommodating! Thank You!!!
Reviews: 3
A review from a developers point of view:
XIUS is a very well written and to the point extension. It does exactly what it says it does and above all it is very extensible (if you read through the code) and above all it's templates are easily overridden.
One star subtracted because of the terrible use of English and the lack of any meaningful documentation whatsoever.
Reviews: 5
Fantastic, that is about the most accurate word I can find, apart from clever, helpful, prompt, professional, polite and willing.

This team is by far the best joomla 3rd party development team I have found. I only use paid components, due to the commercial nature of my business. Joomlaxi have developed top quality professional components, which have allowed me to use jomsocial as a commercial tool, within the film and television industry. I could not have done it without their extensions, as they had the important keys to make jomsocial a professional tool for creating custom rules and profile types. There extensions are easy to use with simple explanations and instructions. I have used everyone of their components and I wished they made everything I needed as I would buy their extensions above anyone else's.

Support is excellent and is usually within a couple of hours, and they work 6 days a week. They jump online and have a look and fix the issue, which has always been something I have configured incorrectly or another component that changed something usually a javascript issue caused from my themes modules. My theme developer although I paid $300 has been absolutely useless as far as support goes, there isnt any, only criticism of how the support was requested. So I feel these guys have well and truly picked up the slack and I cannot thank them enough for their support and assistance.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I lost my developer midway on having a new site built for my online business. With assistance from joomlaxi and jomsocial I have been able to create a site myself and I have never done this before, which I was quoted $35,000 to develop using joomla.

Thank you Manish & Sonilika
Reviews: 4
All I got say about this product and this company. I'm not a big review kind person so I don't do it often. I reserve it only for companies that have shown a level of support and service that's above beyond.

Joomlaxi is that company! I've been using Joomla for several years and its hard to find a company that offers good support. These guys take it to a whole different positive level.

So if your wondering if this product or any other product they offer is worth it. ABSOLOUTELY! Don't look any further this is the company you want backing you up!!!!
Reviews: 22
This adds very useful capabilities to any community. JomSocial's built-in search is ok but can be a little clumsy for non-technical people. XIUS lets the admin create common lists of users and makes it easy for your community to find each other. It really builds out a core community feature. And it's very nicely integrated now into JomSocial in the newer versions. Well done!
Reviews: 6
With this extension Jomsocial becomes a lot more useful in terms of finding the kind of users people might want to connect with. Especially when used with Jomsocial Profile Types members can target the people they link up with based on all kinds of profile fields or types. This takes the guess work out of social networking in a way that makes a site much more useful all members.
Reviews: 10
This is the most comprehensive, feature rich search component i have ever seen for Joomla/Jomsocial. Technically it is well executed by the Joomlaxi's team. It is Brilliant. The more you explore this component, the more you discover about the most sophisticated features of this component. Of course the support provided by this team itself worth million bucks. Yes, I mean it. The team is very professional and very talented. My site would not be so prefect with full of high tech features without these guys. I can't thank this team enough for providing such great component to the community. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - MUST HAVE FOR ALL JOOMLA, JOMSOCIAL SITES.. A+++++++++++
Reviews: 8
This is the long missing search feature for your Jomsocial Community! I like it very much and it should be built into any good community...again, a good component from the Joomlaxi Team!
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