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Cleanup for JomSocial Plugin

Database Cleanup for JomSocial

NEW: Can now delete old (expired) past JomSocial events from the site.

JomSocial is a wonderful community component for the Joomla! content management system, but it's not easy on your site's database, especially if you have a large and active community.

JomSocial leaves behind unnecessary database entries from old private messages (even if they've been deleted in the front-end) and old community activities (also even if they've been hidden in the front-end) that clog your database.

Allowing these entries to pile up will lead to a bloated database (which especially becomes a problem in shared-hosting environments) that will slow down your community as it grows and interacts. To help cure this deficiency and give you more control of how your community backend runs, we've created the Cleanup for JomSocial plugin, which allows you to finally take hold of a database running wild.

1. Cleanup JomSocial every X days
2. Clean private messages that were deleted in your front-end
3. Clean read private messages X days old:
4. Remove deleted activities
5. Remove activities X days old
6. Delete expired (past) events
6. Automatically Purge the Mail Que
7. Optimize the cleaned tables
8. Email a cleanup overview

Check out the download page for more information on this plugin's capabilities.

This plugin works with all versions of Joomla (including 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5) and JomSocial (anything 1.8 and above, including 2.5/2.6).

Just install the version you'd like to use (the one that relies on a cronjob for cleanup scheduling, or the version that does not).

- Fixed Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 compatibility. Module works with all versions of Joomla 1.5 and above (requires JomSocial installed, of course).

- Plugin will now remove past (expired) events from the featured area of JomSocial during cleanup instead of leaving the entries behind.

- Plugin can now be set to delete past events from the database.
- A few small code tweaks for optimization.

- Updated to work with Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7.

- Initial public release.

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Reviews: 3
I've had JomSocial running on our site for years. After installing and running SR5's plugin, my site is now much faster. My overall database size was cut by 22 MB the first time it ran. Highly recommend this for JomSocial sites with a lot of activity. Now I just get an email once a day that tells me everything has been cleaned and optimized. This really should be part of the JomSocial core feature set... great product.
Reviews: 18
This is a great extension which works great on my website, before installing read the readme.txt very important and if you set up correctly no problem.

I've ordered this product and had problem to have the download link, I've sent a mail and no problem the answer was clean and the product download as attached. 5 stars thx
Reviews: 4
I have no idea how anyone allowed this to be released. To start the documentation never tells you what to run as a cronjob (if using the cronjob version). The product does not install in the format set forth by joomla, and thus if you need to uninstall you WILL get errors and have to not only remove files manually but clear cleanup out of you database manually before you can install the non cronjob version.

I think the code itself inside the cleanup.php file is mostly sound. There are a few bulky functions that could have been done more efficiently, and more complete features could have easily been added.

To sum: The code is amateur at best, will not fully install/uninstall correctly, and doesn't have all the features you will be wanting in the end. I would save the $5 and wait form someone to make a better product.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you didn't seem to like it.

Bulky functions? I don't see how such a simple plugin could have what you call "bulky functions." And for $5, I'm not sure what "more complete features" you'd want. It's not polite to complain about things that you don't elaborate on or were never promised.

And as far as the Cron job goes, had you read your JomSocial documentation and set it up correctly you'd know about the main cron job that sends out all of your JomSocial emails. My documentation mentions it -- perhaps you should have looked it up.

As far as install/uninstall goes, there was a typo in the Non-cron version (the version you shouldn't be using anyway) in the xml file. Had you simply emailed me I would have fixed it for you.


Reviews: 1
I was looking for some methods to improve website speed and found this handy plugin which also cuts down on database maintenance.
The script seems to run very smoothly on a linux php5 setup and on shared hosting, anything that optimizes your database is going to have a positive impact on the shared hosted community.
I emailed the creator Andrew a few pre-sales questions and was surprised at what a cool ninja webdude he was in his precise and professional reply.
This is worth every cent of that $5 it feels good knowing that $5 is going right in to the hands of the developer, and not some greedy corporate type that would want $150 that you can never get in touch with :).
All the best in the future Andrew.
Reviews: 4
Purchased for $5, immediate download, installs in seconds, works instantly like it should with a nice email report on what was cleaned. What more is there to say?