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My Events Module

This module integrates with the JomSocial events system and allows you to display events listings in a module.

Events listings are automatically paginated... but that's not the coolest part.

The best part about this module is that it gives the admin a ton of customization options. You can decide how the event list is displayed via a simple to use markup system.

The event string allows you to design how the listings are displayed. The box accepts most (through probably all -- I haven't tested every one) html tags as well as a set of special markups to display the event info. You have access to the following bits of info:

My Events Module for JomSocial
Output the title of the event.

Output the thumbnail of the event.

Output the description of the event.

Output the start date/time of the event.

Output the end date/time of the event.

Anything placed within these tags will be converted into a hyperlink to the event.

Output the id number of this event. This can be used for all sorts of things, such as custom hyperlinks or other code you come up with.

Output how many guests are attending the event.

Output how many guests are attending the event.

Output the number of tickets still available for this event.

The system is pretty simple to use and limited only to your creativity. A CSS file is included to allow you more customization options.

1.8: Feature updates / Bug fixes
- Merged into one install package for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7.
- Updated pajinate jQuery script (Fixed bug where left-wrapping was always enabled).
- Updated to load jQuery 1.6.2.

1.3: Feature updates
Added the [availability] string option to the event string.
Module can now be set to display events from certain categories.

1.0: Initial Release

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Reviews: 16
Easy to configure, simple set up, looks good.
Worth 5 dollars? Yes for displaying your events.

Agreed, it'd be good as a core application but it is appreciated to see other developers contribute talent. Joomla is a collaboration project with the power of Open Source. A fair price for a fair product.

Good job to the developer.
Reviews: 13
Thanks, this is it. I bought your last plugin so I will buy this module as well. This module should be in JomSocial package Azurl from beginning!

Space Robot 5 - you should work to add lang file in next version. Because I still need to edit xml file.