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Auto Group is an extension for Jomsocial which will automatically join members to groups based on their selection from a profile field which you as the administrator setup.

It also has the ability to send PM suggestions for groups to join based on profile selections.

For example say you have an online classroom that teaches math, spelling and history.

You can add a custom field with jomsocial that will ask what they would like to learn, math, spelling or history. When the user selects math, they are automatically joined to all groups with the word math in the title or from the category math or from the groups with math in the title from the category called math.

Whenever the member updates his or her profile and changes his category he is added to the groups from his current category.
The member or group admin are responsible for leaving the groups they have joined.

You can also use Multi-Select Elements so that if your user chooses math and history, they will be added to both groups and to take it even a step further you can have multiple multiple select elements ie a group of check boxes for category of groups a multi-select drop-down as well as a radio element, enabling you to handle large amounts of group selections.

We have also built in a logic system allowing you to join to groups if a profile field equals, doesn't equal, is greater than or less than a value of your choice. This can be used to join members to groups based on their age or the level of education which they indicate with a profile selection.

The possibilities are endless with the Auto Group Joiner for Joomla and Jomsocial.

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Reviews: 8
I really loved this for my Joomla 2.5 site, however, my client really needed to upgrade to 3.0 and this plugin would not work (and actually prevented the site from loading). I have emailed the developer asking if there is a 3.0 version in the works, but have not heard back. Perhaps they will respond here...
Reviews: 1
The plugin works as advertised with minimal fuss. However, support is nonexistent. To clarify, it's not that they take a while or provide half answers ... there's NOTHING THERE!! Tried the support "group" (not forum, but they created JomSocial groups for each product ... right?!). Tried their email and even included URGENT in the title as per their suggestion. Not so much. All I'm trying to figure out is how to remove a "Add to Group" empty dropdown box that now appears on registration and in profile edit.
Owner's reply

We apologize for the lack of support, spam has become such an extreme problem that emails go to our spam filter when they shouldn't and the groups have turned into nothing more than a place to complain which makes it incredibly hard to help people.

We have taken action to simplify our site and are working to find non spam support requests in order to help those who need it, if you still need help please email us (please don't put URGENT in the title that has become an issue because people with even non socialables business have rendered it useless)

Reviews: 2
This extension not only does what it says, the developer even adapted it when I needed a little more functionality.

The most recent release is even better and has become an essential extension on my JomSocial site.

One of the best extensions for JomSocial there is. Well, I think so!
Reviews: 1
Works as it says. I asked the Jomsocial forum for a plugin that you can link the registration fields with the groups. They said it can't be done right now! The next day I found this, stepped back, purchased it, and installed it, and then I went into my jomsocial made sure I had list menus for the groups I have created. Then I went into theAutoGroup. I told it to use keywords told it a category, and another category, and it works!
So now when a new person joins my jomsocial they can automatically be entered into groups. Find me a php programmer that will do that for $25...