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Profile Viewers PluginExtension Specific Addon

Profile Viewers plugin, is an utility that will allow your users to track every single visitor of their profile and it will display the visitors avatars with fancy jQuery tooltip with additional information that can be further controlled in plugin backend.

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Reviews: 11
Profile Viewers for Jomsocial is one of the nicest plugins out there. Long time support from the staff, easy to install and set up. There is almost no work needed on our end unless you want to customize it a bit.

My site is very customized from my own work to several components and plugins installed. Profile Viewers has never once had any problem on any of the sites I have set up, test or live.

Adds no extra overhead on the site, Easy to install, No conflicts with any other plugin or component.

Excellent support and always there to answer any questions you may have.
Reviews: 4
It works. I suggest it should provide an ajax version that live popup the viewer notice.