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Knu JSAlerts Module

The module Knu_JSAlerts is a simple module witch is shown jomsocial 2.6 - 2.8x global notifications, new friend-request and new message in a nice icon look on every page, also in pages without jomsocial content!
You can selectable the intern js pm system or new messages of the componete uddeIM!
German and english language aviable!

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Reviews: 10
With a little css tweaking this little bar is the best thing for Jomsocial. I have removed the jomsocial bar, and have this, and a split menu for navigation. Makes everything look very, very clean - while still giving all community links.

Only thing that needs to be done, is the logout button is set to logout of the overall Joomla system, instead of Jomsocial. Honestly though, logout is not necessary on my sites as they auto logout a person after X amount of time anyway, and just adds another button for clutter.
Reviews: 6
First of all everything is in german so I had to use chrome's translate to understand what was going on, even tho the coder speaks english as a second language im sure.

Second thing, I had no idea which to download as there seemed to be 3 alerts/everywhere mods which did roughly the same thing.

None of them worked properly on my site, as all three caused some modules not to display and it messed up the main page. One of them was especially good, u could change the background to transparent. The last one i downloaded (this one) didnt even display.

But this seems to be the only mod with a global logout / PM functionality which is after and i will gladly pay for a working version.

It definetly has potential once the coder fixes the bugs :) Note im using jomsocial 2.4x and joomla 1.7x

Heres hoping things improve.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for the departed notification of jomsocial to show the new alerts via the module position everywhere and here it is. you did finally create it and thanks for this fantastic module.
Reviews: 3
Works great and filled a hole in jomsocial!


Shame is jomsocial 2.6 RC2 already has it's own mod_notify... still useful if you use UDDEIM for PM though