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Tigra for JomSocial Extension Specific Addon

Tigra Framework is easy to use Template framework for JomSocial 2.6 and 2.8. and just added new 3.0 version

It will make your JomSocial customization a breeze without ever having to touch the code.

It's loaded with:

3 Editions:

Tigra - that can be installed on any Joomla template with built-in templates: lite, dark and transparent

YOO Edition for Warp 6 and Warp7 templates(
20 and + YT Override templates)

ROCKET Edition for Gantry4 templates(15 and + RT Override templates:

+ adding more as we speak...

MANY Welcome Screens:

- Tigra Default Screen
- Bootstrap Carousel Screen
- Bootstrap Slider Screen

... all easily customizable...

Lite , Dark & Transparent menu options for each template

Lite , Dark & Transparent Activity stream options

Easy Layout slicing:

- into 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns for Frontpage

- into 2 or 3 columns for Profile Page, Groups, Individual Group, Events and Individual Event page

Toggle on/off easy column publishing:

Each of the active columns will display the Jomsocial module you publish inside.

Mobile support - Fully responsive...

Be creative!

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Reviews: 2
Tigra for Jomsocial is an excellent product. For those that actually read the product installation method you will find this an excellent product. If you do have a problem and contact their support you will be very satisfied. They are quick and they go above and beyond. They make sure that their product works for you and the way that you want it to work.

For a commercial product their price is very fair and worth every penny that you spend. Just the support alone is worth every penny!
Reviews: 1
In all my work I hadn't seen an application that with such ease takes over. It is beautifully developed. there might be a few issues using templates that are not supported but if you ask them, they will help. This a nice override framework. It is easy to use, instructions can also be found. It integrates nicely, but I did find it imperative to read the settings and requirements because it meets version by version of JomSocial. You do need a fully functional site if you want to use it, that is, if you have too many errors it will not work perfectly. It made me better my site.
Reviews: 1
I came upon Tigracon's products a year ago and since then have been using Tigra for JomSocial and cannot say enough about the new products they have created.
Their support is also a notable characteristic of their work. They offer free installation and any question you might have will be answered. I should know, I had many.
Tigra for Jomsocial is a great product. It has made my work easier and I can know be sure about what I offer to my clients and my users.
Reviews: 1
Tigra for JomSocial is a must addition to your JomSocial if yu are using it. It adds so much to the design and the easiness of managing it all. And wit the extras it is an experience enhanced.
Tigra is easy to install and set and even if you are new at it there is an instruction manual that leads you in installation step by step.
With Tigra you can have a site with a unified look and feel to it.