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JS Nice Activity for Comments Module

Activity for Comments Module shows users what their friends are doing on your site through JomSocial activity and comments.

The module lets users comment on any piece of content on your site OR in a remote site.

In the Widget mode, you can define an external JomSocial community to load the activity from.

--- Which is the difference between the local Module and the Widget configuration? ---

The module and JomSocial social network are local in your site. You can show your local social network activity in the rest of the site pages.

In the widget configuration, the module acts as a widget in your site, JomSocial is in a remote site. You can show the social network activity in any number of sites. Eg In a personal blog, or associated partners.

*** Features ***

Show the Community Wall Widget, local or remote
Show a Group Wall Widget, local or remote
Show a Discussion Wall Widget, local or remote
One Unique Commenting System, all comments are published into JomSocial
Simple Management, all comments are managed in JomSocial, no other component is required to be integrated

*** Advanced Widget Mode ***

In the widget mode, the module must load the extenal social network activity.

So, the module must be installed in the site, and the JomSocial template customization must be installed in the external social network.

** Module parameters ***

Mode: Wall, Group, or Discussion.
Border Color

- Advanced

Community Domain
Wall Url
Group Url
Discussion Url
Links Target

*** How it works ***

The magic works in this way, the module loads JomSocial to extract the Activity Stream.
To customize the stream, new views are added to the default JomSocial template.
Also, the user registration/login states are managed to require registration, join the group, or publish the comment.

*** Updates in 2.1.1 ***

- Full Review

*** Updates in 2.1.0 *** / Sept-2012

- Feature: Create new discussion in Group
- Feature: Join new Member in Group

*** Updates in 2.0.1 ***

- Fix: JRoute for Url Sef
- Code Review, Joomla Coding Standard compliant

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