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Weather for Jomsocial Plugin

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There are many weather extensions in Joomla extensions directory but none like Jomsocial Weather. Why?, Jomsocial Weather was specially designed to integrate flawless with Jomsocial templates. It installs as a Jomsocial plugin and can be published inside the main user content or wall, top sidebar or bottom sidebar of the template. Also a main feature is the usage of google weather API to retrieve weather, you just need to set your location in the backend i.e. London,UK, and let the plugin do the rest.

Besides working great inside Jomsocial, our weather plugin also looks great because we are using the gorgeous Android HTC Weather Icons.

User Profile Plugin
Location: Write your location without any spaces i.e. London,UK (city,country code)
User Override: Yes / No (if YES, users can change the above location in the website frontpage. Users can select their own city and country to display weather inside their profile), (if NO, backend weather location applies to all users and can not be changed)
City: Hide / Show
Condition: Hide / Show
Humidity: Hide / Show
Wind: Hide / Show
Forecast: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 days / Disabled
Layout: List / Block
Separator: /
Unit: Celcius / Fahrenheit

Jomsocial Options
Core Application: Yes / No
Position: Main Content / Sidebar Top / Sidebar Bottom
Caching: Use Global / No
Privacy: Everyone / Friends / Only Me

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Hi, i had a little problem with my app, they helped me and finally we soled it, thanks to them