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Appointments for JomSocial ComponentPlugin

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Appointments for JomSocial Appointments for JomSocial helps communication between users in JomSocial is a lot more convenient. They can make appointments among users in their group or personal appointments for specifically selected people. Moreover, those who receive the appointments can set their status as accept, not accept or not sure along with providing their reasons.

- Make appointments within your JomSocial’s group
- Make personal appointments
- Add unlimited number of receivers for each appointment
- Display My view, daily view, weekly view and monthly view
- Display upcoming and current on appointment module [for JomSocial 3.2.x]
- Can choose and change the status accept, not accept and not sure
- Can specify reasons for the status
- Can provide title of the appointment, description, start and end time
- Notification when receivers has replied to appointment
- Reply notification status with color informs
- Support Multi-Language
- Support Joomla! 2.5.x & Joomla! 3.x

Update v3.6.0
^ Change own send mail function to notification system API of JomSocial.
+ Added appointment module for JomSocial. Display upcoming and current appointments.
# Fixed css calendar icon support other website template used.

Update v3.5.2
# Fixed the issue of create default object from empty value.
# Fixed element class in filter list support JomSocial 3.2.x on Joomla! 3.3.0.

Update v3.5.1
# Fixed undefined variable top in display week
# Fixed error message of field is empty for JomSocial 3.x
# Fixed element class in filter list
# Fixed SEF URLs for appointment detail in display day view.
# Fixed user relation with the appointments, can see the appointments in display month view.
# Fixed SEF URLs for redirect link, delete appointment.
# Fixed translated language for the plugin

Update v3.5.0
+ Added description support text editor for html output.
+ Added description support plugin AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks for media embedding and video will support formats have been YouTube and Vimeo

Update v3.4
# Fixed bug when Joomla! cache setting enable.
# Fixed bug undefined property view.
# Fixed bug appointment across months on display month view.
^ Changed display view and rewrite code to support native for JomSocial.
+ Added new my appointments view.
+ Added system my appointments by the separate between is coming and past of my appointments.

Update v3.3
+ Added Appointments menu type.
! Removed Bootstrap javaScript.

Update v3.2
# Fixed support Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x one package installer.
^ Changed extension to package install/uninstall.
# Fixed disabled short open tag in php.ini
# Fixed missing translation.
+ Added javaScript core Joomla! in to component.

Update v3.1
# Fixed 404 error page.

Update v3.0 for Joomla! 2.5 + JomSocial 3.0.x
^ Changed layout and classes for HTML tags to support JomSocial 3.x

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Reviews: 6
Appointments for Jomsocial fits seamless into Jomsocial and adds some very useful features to Joomla sites whose members might want to offer teaching, online consulting etc.

Their support is friendly and can be relied upon to go the extra mile.

All in all a very well implemented solution for offering appointment booking functionality to the users of any Joomla/Jomsocial website.