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JSuserfields Plugin

JomSocial User Data in Articles

Include any Jom Social user field in artciles. Usage: jsuserfield FIELD_NAME UserID

If UserID is left out, will try to retrieve user data for current user.

Special fields:



jsuserfield fieldname userid

Where fieldname is a JomSocial/JomSocial custom field name.

FIELD_COUNTRY, FIELD_MOBILE, etc, or one of predefined names.
AVATAR, NAME, or AGE is calculated from FIELD_BIRTHDATE

Currently AVATAR outputs just the path to image, not a whole tag. It could do the whole image tag. Then I guess you would use CSS if you wanted to change sizes in different places or such. (maybe that's a setting to add - Default Avatar Width, Default Avatar Height.

Even set it up so that the userid is optional (useless for this particular case of course) so you could do something like:

Hello jsuserfield NAME

And, assuming the user was logged in, it would display the current user's name.

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