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DeeEmm Auto Friend for JomSocial Plugin

Do you want new users to be made to feel welcomed when they join your site?

This plugin will automatically create a friend for new users on registration.

You can select which member will automatically be assigned as a friend by setting the userid in the plugins administration settings.

Support is provided via our support ticket system

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Reviews: 1
This extension allows you to set up JomSocial to autofriend new community members to existing members. For example, if you're an administrator and you don't want to have to manually friend every new member this extension is the perfect solution. I had a client who had multiple admins and we needed to be able to autofriend to multiple users. The original extension only allowed for one auto friend but I contacted the developer and he updated the extension in just a few hours. I was truly amazed by the response and terrific support. This is a must have in your JomSocial extension toolbox. Thanks again DeeEmm!