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XIPT for JomSocial ComponentModulePlugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
IMP : If you want to Know WHY you should use JoomlaXi's Profiletypes rather then in-built profiletypes in JomSocial-2.0, Please read :

The Problem

If you use JomSocial for a particular website and you want to categorize your users into groups and manage their profiles separately. Suppose you have a school website and you like to group students, teachers and other staff and want to have different types of profiles for them. But you see the fields used in the teacher's profile are going to be different from the fields in the student's profiles.So what you require is something that can create unlimited profile types in your website with varied fields because the fields in one profile need not be meaningful for other user types.

JoomlaXi Solution

JSPT which is now a very well recognized and robust extension for JomSocial, extends JomSocial with Multiple Profile Types functionality. Through which User can be categorized into Types called ProfileTypes.

Highlighting Features

1. Categorise Users into unlimited Profile Types
2. Every field of Profile can be assigned to any number of profile Types
3. Every ProfileType can be assigned Individual Templates.
4. Default Privacy Settings, Joomla User Type.
5. Better Performance, Interfacing and API Polishing and routing mechanism.
6. Provides Integration with AEC and PayPlans to Monetise your website
7. Profile Field Control
8. Invisible Profile Type
9. Upload Avatar in Registration
10. Watermark Generation
11. Better Application Control according to Profile Types
12. Handling JS Toolbar as per Profiletype.
13. Apply Privacy on all Joomla Modules according to Profiletypes
14. Gives you ability to restrict user activities i.e. Access Control Layer, You can control which JomSocial feature is available to which user and many more

+ Starting from JomSocial version 1.6, our extension works in hack free mode, so you can update JomSocial without any breakdown.
+ Required PHP 5.0 or greater.

Other compatible Extensions with JSPT

User Search and Listing

Profile Completeness

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Reviews: 4
This is a must have for JomSocial. I needed to restrict the public access, rather than have different profile types, and the support team was very quick and helpful, I was impressed!
Definitely recommend!
Owner's reply

Hello Koteva,

Thank you so much for loving our extension.

Our product work like charm in your system increases our productivity.

Reviews: 5
Support is fast and detailed. Knows exactly what I want!
Owner's reply


Thank You very much for the honour you have bestowed upon us by recommending us publicly.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 2
This plugin does everything it says it does, and more. With the help and support of the team it is easy to configure and setup with sooo many variations and other components. Great tool and a must have for any profile type site, jomsocial's custom profiles is just not strong enough without JSPT.

Lastly, support and customizations done by the teamwork flawless and the company has a great service for modifications. Love it!
Reviews: 5
This component is very feature rich- one of the most impressive Joomla based products I've purchased. From the update history it also seems like this products development is very active which gives me confidence it will be support for a long time.

It has a lot of options which makes it a little tough to learn at first. It also seems to be very stable.

The documentation leaves something to be desired- and this is constructive criticism.. its a little disparate around the site- learning how to integrate it with JomSocial and JpayPlans is unnecessarily confusing.

However, the support so far has been excellent- which helps fill in the documentation gaps.

They would probably get fewer support requests if they released a more comprehensive manual but documentation isn't an easy thing to write/update.

But If I had a choice of good documentation and a more feature rich product I would choose the latter.
Reviews: 1
I've used XIPT (Joomlaxi Profile Types) to successfully build a complex business directory: integrating Joomla 2.5.6, Jomsocial 2.6.2, XIPT 3.5.812, AEC 1.0, Sobipro 1.0.8. Joomlaxi Profile Types does work well, it can be complex as it provides a lot of additional profile functionality and ACL way over what Jomsocial provides, and it integrates easily with AEC and Sobipro to provide a subscription model and restrict access to a paid business directory.

The support provided by the Joomlaxi team is exceptional. I had a number of configuration and software issues initially. The configuration issues were resolved quickly and the software issue was resolved after a short while with a minor release of the component.

Well worth the money and there's nothing else like it on the market.

There are some minor things I'd like to see (Jomsocial toolbar ACL being better, but this is down to Jomsocial core coding, and being able to rename the jomsocial menu aliases), other than that it's great.
Reviews: 1
component truly useful, it works very well.
very good support and after sales service.
Reviews: 1
I wish I could say I loved it, but I can't. The concept is great, but in reality it messed up my site every single time I installed it.

It's not very user friendly and it always stucks at resetting if you have more users.

Support - umm, I'll just say not recommended and keep my thoughts to myself.
Reviews: 2
I cant say anything for the support because there is not email to contact them on the website and when you fill out the contact us from it's broken and there is no other way to contact them. Hopefully this will change.
Owner's reply

Hi julian22,

Sorry for trouble, but for support and services you can contact us with lots of medium like our contact us module (, our twitter account (!/joomlaxi), our facebook page (, our support forum ( or at our email address

We are always happy to provide prompt support to our customers.

Reviews: 1
I’ve been using Joomlaxi components for over 12 months with my Jomsocial sites.

Their products are robust and fill some major gaps however I’d like to make special comment on their incredible support and customer service.

Over the past few months I’ve sent a number of support enquiries and I’ve always received a courteous and detailed response within a few hours.

Lately they helped me with some custom code hacks that any other company would have charged for or ignored. This recent experience just demonstrates their professional attitude towards their customers. I highly recommend these guys.
Reviews: 16
This software does the job and the support is quick and excellent! Note ~ it is a little complicated and the documentation isn't the best but it does all work very well and if you get stuck, their support will save the day.
Reviews: 6
Hello. I installed this great component many times ago. During all this time i known a great support team ready always to solve every problem and add some feature requests. I cannot have more from them. Professional and valid support. This extension have a lot of features very useful. It allows to improve jomsocial a lot. If jomsocial was like them, it would great!!!
Thanks Joomlaxi.
A very happy and satisfied customer.
Reviews: 3
Not sure which is best. The extension (JSPT and it payment integration JPayPlans) or the customer support. As a new user, I have made some errors, wasn't sure on a setup problems and had some code errors. The staff at Joomlaxi has always helped me out quickly and politely and saved me every-time. They fix a prob and immediately put out a new release so others may benefit as well. Nothing but praise for these guys!
Reviews: 7
This is the original and best multi-profile addon for Jomsocial, it really bothered me when jomsocial tried to build multi profiles into the core, Jomsocials version suck, this one is the best and the company behind them is one of my favorites too, right up there with akeeba. They always respond and are super fast to cater to your every need.A++
Reviews: 1
Not only is this script poweful and a must have for every good jomsocial website, but Shyam with the support staff at joomlaxi has been incredible. One of the other add ons I bought was conflicting with my jomsocial wedbsite and Shyam took time on her out of her busy weekend to resolve the problem for me. And it wasn't even her add on that was causing the problem! These are true professionals who have created an amazing script. Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
I never write reviews, but Joomlaxi team were very helpful so I thought to let every know that there is no better extension to manage profile types.
And their search component is one of the best as well.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot.

Team JoomlaXi

Reviews: 1
This extension is quite fine. Sadly it crushes the JomSocial privacy system as soon as the required JSPT Community Plugin is activated. After sending 3 E-Mails and receiving absolutely no support on this issue i think it is not just a single case. So if you want to keep the JS privacy system running with single settings on each custom profile field you should not use this component.
If the user privacy does not matter on your site this extension may be quite useful for custom profile types since you can set up almost everything for each profile type. But do not expect any support on this extension, the developers seem to not like responding to e-mails.
Owner's reply

Thanks for sharing your concerns.

EMail support is really tough as it cannot be tracked. Therefore we ask every time to post over forum for fast and timely response.

Regarding the privacy concern, JSPT is used to control the access of users(by ACL rules). So if you want to freely allow users to set their privacy as per field, then there is no issue, you can do it for all fields. But for selective fields it will not work until the next version 3.2 is released.

Anyways thanks for posting review, hope to see you over the forum to resolve the issue you had.

Team JoomlaXi

Reviews: 22
JomSocial 2.0 now has "profile types", but it's nothing compared to the power of this mature extension. It's the only way to truly enable different "classes" of members, with configurations for fields, applications, privacy, and many more settings. More capabilities keep getting added with each new version. I see an even brighter future for XIPT if this pace continues!
Reviews: 6
This component makes all kinds of business and organisation models possible by transforming Jomsocial's social network into a business or organisational network that can be used in any vertical. It takes some thought to get it set up properly and its best used with the other profile and user search addons the provide. Together they make a really brilliant business model innovation combo for Joomla.
Reviews: 4
Absolutely the best component to handle different profile types. I really like the way it works and it give every kind of option need to fit everyone's need.

Really well done.
Reviews: 4
this decision was quite easy.

the component works very fine.
i personally wanted to modify the usage a little, so the support team helped me and it worked very well.

This extension is worth any penny!!
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