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IMP : If you want to Know WHY you should use JoomlaXi's Profiletypes rather then in-built profiletypes in JomSocial-2.0, Please read :

The Problem

If you use JomSocial for a particular website and you want to categorize your users into groups and manage their profiles separately. Suppose you have a school website and you like to group students, teachers and other staff and want to have different types of profiles for them. But you see the fields used in the teacher's profile are going to be different from the fields in the student's profiles.So what you require is something that can create unlimited profile types in your website with varied fields because the fields in one profile need not be meaningful for other user types.

JoomlaXi Solution

JSPT which is now a very well recognized and robust extension for JomSocial, extends JomSocial with Multiple Profile Types functionality. Through which User can be categorized into Types called ProfileTypes.

Highlighting Features

1. Categorise Users into unlimited Profile Types
2. Every field of Profile can be assigned to any number of profile Types
3. Every ProfileType can be assigned Individual Templates.
4. Default Privacy Settings, Joomla User Type.
5. Better Performance, Interfacing and API Polishing and routing mechanism.
6. Provides Integration with AEC and PayPlans to Monetise your website
7. Profile Field Control
8. Invisible Profile Type
9. Upload Avatar in Registration
10. Watermark Generation
11. Better Application Control according to Profile Types
12. Handling JS Toolbar as per Profiletype.
13. Apply Privacy on all Joomla Modules according to Profiletypes
14. Gives you ability to restrict user activities i.e. Access Control Layer, You can control which JomSocial feature is available to which user and many more

+ Starting from JomSocial version 1.6, our extension works in hack free mode, so you can update JomSocial without any breakdown.
+ Required PHP 5.0 or greater.

Other compatible Extensions with JSPT

User Search and Listing

Profile Completeness

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Reviews: 2
This is a fairly good product. I have had issues with Jomsocial Connect and XIPT. The last version I had didn't work. The latest version kind of works. But it shows profiles set to not visible. Unfortunately getting support from this company is near to impossible. I've left mails, and opened support desk tickets with no feedback. I run a commercial website so this level of service is unacceptable - especially after paying them good money for it.
Owner's reply

- You reported issue on 19th July and emailed us on 21st July
- We did released a updated version on 21st July.
- So there should be no issue, in getting support from us.
- Reference discussion is over here :


Reviews: 1
This should be built in to jomsocial - no question. JoomlaXi is a great company with great products! All of their products offer features that absolutely should be built in to the core jomsocial program.

JSPT allows our organization to create profiles based on different levels of membership and limit certain fields to certain members. It is a very stable and excellent part of jomsocial...
Reviews: 1
maybe this is the second review i do simply because i rarlldy come a cross a component which is great, almost bug free and a fantastic support team .. but seriously this one gathers it all. best jomsocial component, a lot of features and they just keep on adding more. my website is for my university and jomsocial would be usless for me if i cant set different type of profiles. i have three one for students one for teachers and one for staff. the support is great and i even asked them to do me a custom plugin cuz i trust that they would keep on providing support unlike other companies.

Thanks for this component seriously
Reviews: 9
This should be part of the Jomsocial core. Profile types allows so much more flexibilitry it allows you to really control your community and the level of input needed for users. Shyam is very quick to answer questions, the support is excellent.
Reviews: 3
Works flawlessly. I've had no problems with this extension, and the company behind it seems to be rock-solid, having delivered updates to keep pace with the current version of Jomsocial.
Reviews: 2
I can say without a doubt that this product made my life a whole lot easier. I wanted to subscribe all of my new users to a particular JomSocial group and this component easily automated the process. There were a ton of options for easily customizing user types, access, and groups. If you are using JomSocial and you want to get beyond the typical experience and start getting more specific with your hierarchy and access control, this is the product for you!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a solution to create multiple profile types for a site I was working on(Educators, College Students, Therapists, Parents, etc.)... When I installed JSPT I was blown away by how perfect it was for my needs. The ability to restrict access by profile type was a bonus for me, but one that is invaluable.

Great work!
Reviews: 2
In our case we needed general site users, and then business owners who had access to different information in their own dashboard. This extension is perfect for allowing you to choose which applications each user type can see.

Also in our case, we could make it so general users did not need approval, but we made the business owner registration require approval. It worked great without any troubles. I would recommend this is the best solution for multiple profile types within Joomla, it was reason enough to switch to JomSocial from Community Builder.
Reviews: 10
All i can say is Excellent! I mean everything is Excellent about this product like Support, Features etc. They will make feature requests happen in matter of hours/days time. They are pretty much do anything to make customer happy. I can't thank enough Shyam and his team for their help to me to achieve what i have achieved with my site. These guys are amazingly talented and courteous. Whenever you need them they are there to help in anyway they can. God bless them and their business. Hope to see more more and extensions from this team....:)
Reviews: 2
This really improves usability on my site and and I am loving it. Different user types gets different info on the page . Very good!
Reviews: 1
Perfect for what we need on our site very easy to configure right out of the box
Reviews: 3
I know that many Joomla developers - and I'm included in that group - are hesitant to spend much on extensions. This is very useful, very functional extension, but I'm equally impressed with the ongoing efforts to improve and expand its functionality *plus* put publish twitter updates that share examples and tips. I'm glad I bought it - Great!
Reviews: 2
XIPT was simple to install and configure but still sllowed for a lot of customisation for individual groups.

We are using XIPT to leverage different types of customers. Allowing Professional Service Providers to effectively show their wares and promote their business and in doing so they are promoting our products.
Reviews: 1
JomSocial Profile Types is an excellent component. It is priced very affordable and developer(s) offer excellent support and information. I highly recommend JomSocial Profile Types to anyone looking to extend their JomSocial community website.
Reviews: 1
Execellent work ..! execellent extension .! i really appreciate the hard work. I had meet Shyam personally as well, extension is worth buying.
Reviews: 9
The ProfileTypes extension adds a great deal of functionality to JomSocial - and the programming, configuration options and interface are all relative elegant for an affordable plugin.

While there is very little documentation available (which can lead to some mistakes by administrators) the Joomlaxi support is very responsive and updates come out frequently.
Reviews: 2
Very good component with great support from Shyam!
Reviews: 5
After using CB (with a profile addon from mikkisoft which was unsupported) for years i was stuggering to find a new community based system. Jomsocial was ok but the lack of profile types was my decision to wait..
Now this addon gives JS the final touch so i am redesigning my sites on JS with this addon. Very nice interface, works like a charm.

Why not excellent rated? By now the profiles working fine even on profile page but the addons are not supported yet to be filtered per profile type (it is on the to-do list, awaiting the next release). When the new update supports this addon my rating would be excellent!
Owner's reply

Feature have been implemented and released : Addons are supported to be filtered per profile type

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