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Lof JSSlidingCaption For JoomShopping Module

The Lof JoomShopping SlidingCaption Module is a sticky new way working on the JoomShopping Component. The module auto dectect and get images from product images and cropping those images combining a theme selected to displaying into nice boxes, split products to rows, columns of grid table in each page. The module automatic create a carousel slider to switch pages in smoothly effect. Beside the module support making icons for products as hot products, salle products, newest products. With this module, it helps you making a maketing more effective.

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Reviews: 11
Great module!
I find it superb and no conflict with gantry framework!
Just will be cool the possibility to display also thing vertically and display vendors logo/manufacturers!
Reviews: 12
I bought this module to JoomShopping. I can see the images and the sliding function, but how do you get the picture's description. I could not find a Description, what to do and no support. It looks so good with a menu for How to Install, How to Configure How to customize. Clicking on any of these categories, you end up on a new page for Prestashop. They do not respond to emails. I do not even know they are reading incoming e-mail. I have asked for help or to get the money back. I get no answer. I can not recommend this supplier. This is unfortunate because Joomshopping is a good component with excellent support.
Reviews: 1
After a couple of weeks trying to set up this extension, I finally contacted landofcoder a week ago about an issue displaying prices. They haven't contacted me at all. I believe that if I pay for something at least I own the right of receiving information when I need it. The level of support is extremely poor. Even in the description page, the link documentation goes to a Hika module, instead of Joomshopping extension support page.
I will not use it in my website and I don't recommended it.
Reviews: 6
This is one of the best extension for JoomShopping.
Does it what it says. Very clean and nice showing module. Everything went like it should.
And it is also chip.