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JT BxSlider Jshopping Label Products Module

Universal module of products slider for online store component JoomShopping based on jQuery plagin BxSlider. Slider goods for JoomShopping includes 4 types: Jshopping Last Products, Jshopping Top Products, Jshopping Bestseller Products, Jshopping Label Products.


Joomla 2.5.x - Joomla 3.x
Select version jQuery
Checking download jQuery
Automatic generation of ID
Selecting a category from which to show products
Setting the width and height of the goods
Number of products to display on a slide
Number of products to browse the slide
Number of products to display on a slide
Product Label
Intro description
Product Rating
number of comments
The button on the hollow product information
digital navigation
Type of digital navigation
Browser support: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE7+

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Reviews: 2
Works right out of the box. Thank You!!
Reviews: 12
JT BxSlider is a module that provides a good overview of new products you want to view. Select the size and number of images with or without labels. Brief description with prices can be disabled to see only images that are linked to each article. Got to change the background color of template.css to avoid seeing the white borders around the images. Thanks for a great product.