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Fields for K2 ModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

k2fields is a Joomla! extension that enhances the popular content manager extension K2 providing you an integrated solution to easily develop directory oriented websites such as business directory, review/rating sites, product catalog sites and more.

I will not replicate the available feature set rather invite you to browse to the extension page and read there.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Notice: I am in the process of reorganizing the website and code repo, but all issues (not support request) can be posted in the github issues list in the mean time. Support request are welcome through my websites contact form.

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Reviews: 2
This adds a lot of database features and capabilities to K2 items, especially in the area of extra fields. It gives K2 a lot more power and flexibilty, allowing you to set up your site the best way for your data. It is pretty technical stuff but the support is superb - Gobezu patiently answers all questions promptly and is very helpful.
Reviews: 7
Very good extension. thank developer very much
Reviews: 13
Great Extension but image field would make it even better, Keep up the good work..
Reviews: 5
Exellent extension ant support!
Reviews: 1
I needed a date picker solution for a K2field, it did the job in 5 minutes.

Had a little problem with the field appearing in a k2 module, support was quick, professional. The solution arrived immediately.
Thank you!
Reviews: 6
Pretty good plugin to add some more functions to K2 Extra Fields. There should be more documentation on exactly how to use each one of the options. For example, I had to read the code to figure out how to specify the field for the Google Map.

Also, maybe the optional Google Map plugin is changed, because This K2 extra Fields plugin gives an error message saying that the Google map plugin is not installed (even though it is installed and enabled). The problem is that this plugin is looking for the Google map plugin in the content directory when it is actually in the system directory.

Since there is no forum, hopefully this may helps someone else that has this issue.
Reviews: 2
I've excited about the opportunities of this extension. Nevertheless, a the moment it has some problems while rendering lists.
Also it will be good to integrate some css options.
Reviews: 4
I had a need to add links to another component from K2 and with the help of Gobezu this has now been easily achieved. It required some extra coding that Gobezu provided very quickly.!!!
Reviews: 22
it's a excellent extension for a excellent CCK.

and the support is extremly fast and 1st class.

good job...
Reviews: 1
I desperately needed a date/time field on my site and was using K2. Thankfully I found this plugin and it works like a champ. I initially had a problem, but the developer was kind enough to login to my site, found the issue and quickly resolved. Excellent and Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I have used the K2Fields in one of my website, It was really awesome and support is also excellent.
Reviews: 19
This extension greatly increases the usefulness of the K2 extra fields feature.

I used it for the Google Map plugin but I can see this plugin has some features that really extend the use of extra fields.

I had a syntax error in naming the extra field (didn't read instructions properly) that was very quickly addressed by Gobezu when I contacted him for support through the Contact form on his website.

Save yourself some time & read the syntax instructions for naming the k2 extra field that is in the first few lines of the plugin's Usage instructions.

Need K2 extra fields with fancy features? This plugin can probably handle what you need!

I just love this plugin.

Thank You Gobezu!