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Store for K2 ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

K2 Store is a robust, flexible joomla shopping cart that uses K2 as product catalogue and enables you to sell both PHYSICAL and DIGITAL goods.

Key Features

- Unlimited Product catalogue (k2 items)
- Responsive mobile-friendly design
- Multi-currency
- Unlimited Product options / variants
- Sell both downloadable goods as well as physical goods
- Geozone based multiple tax rates and tax rules
- Multiple, geozone based shipping methods
- Custom fields manager
- Guest checkout
- Orders management
- Order statistics in dashboard
- Order notification to customers and store owners
- Store Pick up / Free shipping / Flat rate shipping methods
- Shipping based on weight / quantity / price
- Improved one-page checkout. Inspired by OpenCart.
- Multi-lingual. translated in more than 20 languages
- Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
- MVC structure

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Reviews: 3
K2 store is one of the easiest ways to add ecommerce to a Joomla site. It does what it says straight out of the box, and if you have any problems setting up the cart, there is an active community support forum where, queries are answered by Ramesh and the community promptly. The documentation is easy to understand. I cant say enough about the ease of use and setup. If you want a shopping cart ecommerce solution for you Joomla site, definitely try this component
Reviews: 3
My overall experience with installing, configuring and testing K2Store was positive. It seemed like a simple solution when the complexities of other shopping carts were not needed. Since they offered a paid plugin for, I thought I was set.

While configuring that plugin, and seeing how it appeared to users of the website, I noticed some cards being offered that did not match the account settings.

When I contacted K2Store support I was told something that turned out not to be accurate. It appears these settings cannot be changed without editing at least one file. When I asked for more details, support went silent.

If you do not need the plugin for K2Store, the solution may work just fine. However, if you use the plugin, it is unusable without needing code changes UNLESS you actually accept every credit card type displayed to users. In over 20 years of business, we have never accepted some of these cards.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review Jay.

It would be great if you have used LANGUAGE STRINGS and editing the LANGUAGE file instead of "code" or "editing code."

No code editing is required in the plugin.

Also the customer has downloaded an old version of the plugin (due a CDN caching issue), which led to this experience. The latest version actually had the credit card type selection.

Thank you anyway :-)

Reviews: 13
I've used ZenCart, VirtueMart, and tried to wade my way through HikaShop, none of them holds a candle to K2Store. It's super easy to set-up, bug free, and the Pro version gives you detailed reports so you (and your clients) can keep up-to-date on your customers and sales.

If you're on the fence, wondering which eCommerce solution is right for you, try K2Store, you will not be disappointed.
Reviews: 1
I installed this extension on my site. It is incredible easy to use and looks just nice. I had a problem in the "View Orders" section. I contacted the support and within half an hour i got an email with the solution! This is incredible. Thank you so much for this extension!
Reviews: 1
I'm making an e-commerce website. The extension and the support is perfect. Any problem is solved very quickly. Perfect solution for K2. Great!
Reviews: 2
Having used very many e-commerce packages, this seemed a little strange at first given it relies on K2 with the products being K2 items. However, once you start to use it, you soon realise just how well thought out it is. The level of support offered (albeit, I subscribed to the full support package and went Pro with the extension after trying the free version) has been excellent. This is a developer who clearly cares about the use of his extension and goes the extra mile in support by providing examples of how to alter things. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
If i could give this extension and all its plug ins a higher rating i would, the script did exactly what i wanted it to do and where i wanted to..

I had a few issues due to my lack of knowledge with this script and despite the big time difference the team of developers was very helpful in making sure my issues were resolved almost instantly!

I'd pay money for this script and that says something for free extensions! Thank you k2Store
Reviews: 4
I tried a few other ecommerce solutions and they were so complicated to set up and configure that I almost gave up on ever having my own store. I came across K2Store and gave the free version a try. After installing it and setting it up with my existing K2 items I immediately bought the pro version! Their customer service is amazing and super fast and helped me with the couple of questions I had almost immediately. I recommend this to anyone who wants a robust featured shopping cart that works perfectly with joomla and K2. Excellent! Thank you!
Reviews: 5
Just start using K2store for a small website. Although it can confuse at first because of the seamless integration with K2 (K2 items, categories..), once you understand the way it work (and it doesn't take long) it is actually very user friendly.
Ho and Support is just great and fast!
Reviews: 1
Had an issue getting the UPS Shipping module to work. Clicked the Chat window on the K2store website and within 10 minutes I was up and running. Note: If you are in the US you need to add "Pounds" to your weight measurements for UPS Shipping Module to work.

Thanks Ramesh!
Reviews: 1
I have been using K2store from six months ago and I can only say that is fantastic and very quick to answer support.
I can only say thanks to the developers.
Reviews: 1
We had to migrate a huge inventory somewhere from an old Joomla 1.5.26 with VM and we decided for K2store. On the way, subscribed for the PRO version, but the quirks of database porting gradually turned overwhelming.

We had to contact K2store support. Ramesh astounded us with his timely response and high quality of the service. He had no problem rewriting payment plugins, or crafting new versions for the component just to meet our needs, working enthusiastically up to 3am. Eventually we feel like he's part of the project, not just a provider out there. Definitely more projects on the way! He is fast and professional.
Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I am a Joomla user from the very first start and before that Mambo. During these years i have seen many products and had contact with many developers and companies but the help and support offered by K2Store (and especially Ramesh Elamathi) is really amazing, both in quality and speed.

I can advice anyone to start using K2Store and experience it's possibilities in combination with K2 and then quickly take a subscription for the Pro version thats even better.
Reviews: 5
I have tried a few e-commerce solutions but k2store is the best designed and easiest to use by a hundred miles. Set-up is incredibly quick and easy, it integrates seamlessly with k2, has lots of really useful functions like flexibility when placing the add to cart button wherever you like. The one page check out is also a huge plus - an expensive add-on on most other e-commerce components. My shop is responsive and k2store fits into that perfectly. I had a couple of minor questions about a multilingual shop, and Ramesh the lead developer took time out to help me, explain and to point me in the right direction. All my e-shops from now on are going to built with k2store without a doubt.
Reviews: 1
I have not written many reviews but had to for this one. This is for my first eCommerce site using Joomla or K2 and discovering this component made my life much easier. It worked, simple yet comprehensive feature set but even with its simplicity to set up and use, I had to get a hold of the developer, Ramesh for creating a custom payment module for my gateway. It was done very reasonably, worked first time tried and more configurable than I even asked for.
The pro version is an incredible bargain. All that is enough to praise it but K2Store turns any selected K2 Item into a products so the user never leaves the look and feel of Joomla/K2.
Creating options was always a real chore in my old cart, a highly modified oScommerce cart that is just obsolete now. My tour company has many options for tour details and it has been a breeze to create complex options that adjust the price.
The the non-commercial version and see how well it works, then get the Pro version for the added features of inventory management and other additional features. Unless you really need a feature that can't be added by Ramesh as a custom plugin for it, I would recommend K2Store over any others I have seen or tested.
There is reporting functions but eventually it would be a bonus if he adds post order editing capability for administrators.
Reviews: 2
I'm currently working on a redesign of my organisations website that includes a store system.

This extension has everything we needed including being free (with limitations) so we can test it before buying the Pro version.

I had one small problem (that turned out to be related to an issue with my lack of sleep rather than the extension) and needed to contact Ramesh using the chat function on the website. He answered straight away and identified the problem for me solving my issue.

I'll certainly be buying the pro version now based on his level of support.
Reviews: 2
I have had this extension for a couple of years now from day 1. It has been simple to use and does everything it says and if I have ever had an issue, one quick chat with their support team using live chat and support had my query resolved in a matter of minutes. really cannot rate these guys any higher. Superb.
Reviews: 1
Busted this into a non-profit site, bashed the paypal plugin right into it, had some questions and BOOM! there's a chat window and excellent answers!! Wish I could give it more stars!
Reviews: 23
We love working with K2 store!
it's a great easy shop, both to develop and for the clients to work with!
Support is great!
Thanks for this great extension!
Reviews: 8
very simple to manage compare to all other joomla online stores. our clients love it and the support is the best we ever get (from the supporter ommuruga).

we will definitely keep on using k2store.

thanks for your great work.
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