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Store for K2 ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

K2 Store is a robust, flexible joomla shopping cart that uses K2 as product catalogue and enables you to sell both PHYSICAL and DIGITAL goods.

Key Features

- Unlimited Product catalogue (k2 items)
- Responsive mobile-friendly design
- Multi-currency
- Unlimited Product options / variants
- Sell both downloadable goods as well as physical goods
- Geozone based multiple tax rates and tax rules
- Multiple, geozone based shipping methods
- Custom fields manager
- Guest checkout
- Orders management
- Order statistics in dashboard
- Order notification to customers and store owners
- Store Pick up / Free shipping / Flat rate shipping methods
- Shipping based on weight / quantity / price
- Improved one-page checkout. Inspired by OpenCart.
- Multi-lingual. translated in more than 20 languages
- Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
- MVC structure

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Reviews: 13
This is a serious contender to established carts. I used it to replace an older cart. Easy to use and configure, loads of features and works well. Support is 10 stars and the creation of a new payment processor was handled quickly and efficiently. This is how a Joomla! extension should be.
Reviews: 1
For anyone familiar with K2 and its many uses, you will find this extension to be a wonderful addition. It is beautifully integrated with K2 and provides all of the options you would need for conducting a retail business through your website. Support for this product is outstanding. I had a question pertaining to my use of the extension and Ramesh with the support team e-mailed me back with an answer immediately. I would highly recommend this extension to anyone.
Reviews: 4
Really easy to configure component. I am actually not using it as a Store, but a Talent Shortlisting site. Instead of buying something, they shortlist a performer from the 'catalogue' of K2 items (performer's 1 page CVs) and make and enquiry, not pay. It has taken me about a day to configure completely and I am no coder by any means, but the files have been really easy to work with. I know upgrades may be an issue as I have overwritten core files (could also have just done override through internal mechanism, which is there, but will never need to upgrade as I'm 100% happy with what it has allowed me to do. Integration with K2 is spot on.
Reviews: 1
I was having some noob issues and I decided to get on live chat. There I was quickly pointed in the correct direction by the support person and they were most helpfull. They sent me an email with some answers to problems I was having and spent time going through some set up questions. I never felt rushed or pressured. These guys are great!
Reviews: 1
Had issues with the Ogone plugin for the K2store. Support was superb and solved the issues I was having promptly which was completely down to me miss-reading part of the documentation. Their patience in this matter was greatly appreciated. Based purely on support, 5 stars. Good job.
Reviews: 2
I've only been using this for a few weeks, when 3.5.2 was released I updated, had some issues, it was resolved within hours with the help of support. I've used virtuemart for years but for all its simplicity or perhaps because of it, k2store is excellent, exactly what I need.
Reviews: 3
K2 Store is an easy to use, self-explanatory, and intuitive cart extension using K2 items as products. If you are looking for an uncomplicated extension that enables a cart on your site, this is it. I’m currently using it on three production sites and will continue to use it as the extension of choice for such solutions.

What really makes this extension go far beyond great and excellent, is the level of support and responsiveness from the developer. The support I've received goes well beyond what should and could be expected.
Reviews: 1
I had some problems by editing the offline payment and talked to the online support (Ramesh), and he helped in all my doughts and some overriding templates. Great Support Team
Reviews: 3
I purchased the "pro" version of this because I knew my client was going to want some customization. The cart worked beautifully from day one. And when my client asked for some custom adjustments the K2Store support team helped me make it happen within 24 hours.

This is my first time making an e-commerce site. K2Store made for an easy and enjoyable experience.
Reviews: 10
A really good extension, with K2 + K2 shop you can easily build great shops.
Reviews: 24
The mainly importent thing for extentions, which are used on earn-money-projects, is the support. The developers of K2Store understand this and take your questions/troubles/feature requests seriously.

Earn money with K2Store without fear: the developers don't just code, they advise befor and after sale too.
Reviews: 1
It's really simple that you can hardly believe it's true.

I just learnt to use K2 a month before, and i found K2 store when searching the keyword "K2". And it's too easy to setup, although i have experienced a PHP error in my localhost development platform, but when i upload the joomla project to real site environment, it just run fine! (actually i am not a php/js development, so i don't know what's happening...)

With K2, management for products is so easy. Adding products is easy too, i just built a site for my friend (no shopping cart function shopping site before...), and i teach him for 15mins and the store is now up and running fine~ so you got my friend's appreciation too!

For those deciding whether to use K2store or not, here is the fact:
1. it's a simple add-on which can enable you to put a shopping cart and checkout function for free. So be fair with it, if you are looking for a full payment gateway and not willing to pay even US10 for paypal function, you are in the wrong place, go Virtuemart or Redmart.

2. support/FAQ need to be enhanced, for noobs like myself, i cannot fix those php orange table issues and i will be worrying the functionality of the store.

3. the clients cannot check his own buying history... (or maybe i don't know to set this function)this is kind of a must and i know this request may take up long hours of development, but perhaps you can think of just like checking a feed for the users post. If the shop changed the status from pending to shipped, just come up with a new feed~ maybe that's an interim solution for you~
Owner's reply

The order history for the user is present.
Go to Joomla admin->menu manager->main menu(or the menu of your choice)->create a new menu

Choose the type as K2Store->orders

Set this menu to be accessible only to registered viewers.

Thats all.
And thanks for review

Reviews: 1
I have been with the Joomla project since the Mambo days, so for a little while.

I have used just about every extension you can think of, honestly.

I LOVE K2store. Of course, I am a fan of K2 and these two together are the one-two-punch knockout combo.

Do yourself a favor and try them both together!

Ramesh, the developer, is AWESOME, fast and friendly and genuinely cares about you and your project!

Thanks Ramesh! Thanks K2! Thanks Joomla!
Owner's reply

Thank you

Reviews: 8
After a misunderstanding, I can run fine this extension on my website.

Is simple and working fine, easy to customize as you wish, very flexible and can be extended in a while.

Plug In to enable online payment are available also for J2.5 under a very low price (past week on JED was result only for J1.5, I apologize for bad review).

If you need a simple shop, this is the best solution: simple, easy to manage and customize, FREE.

Great work!
Owner's reply

Thank you

Reviews: 1
The shipping module that comes built in doesn't work at all on Joomla 2.5. Other users in the forum have the same issue. I submit my post in the forums but it looks like the admin in the support forum has to approve post. My questions never get posted nor do they get answered.
Reviews: 1
Very simple and good extension. But I can`t find order's one of must needed feature in store.
Reviews: 2
After trying plenty of the popular different e-commerce 'solutions' available for Joomla this has proven again to be the simplest and quickest store to setup for Joomla.

The guys at k2store are very helpful if you have issues (I had an install issue that stopped items being added to the basket) and are quick to respond to emails.
One thing I would say is that if you are using this component to run an e-commerce and run into problems or issues, use the forum and if that doesn't get the results you need, then pay for the premium support or consider a donation!

We have just setup the paypal plugin today also and this took all of 10 minutes with no issues or problems to report.

An excellent addition to the K2 system and well done guys! Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 15
Like the others...good extension with great support. Ramesh is a major asset to the community.
If you already use K2, an no brainer. Just add products, then the products will display in a K2 Content module. I bought the Paypal payment plugin.
For some reason, one of my products did not work at first. Ramesh provided quick support, and the problem mysteriously cleared.
A couple of little issues: Only one shipping method, the default Add to Carti is an ugly red, the CSS needs tweaking.
Overall, though, given how tough e-commerce can be to get right, this is good stuff, and I understand that new shipping methods are coming.
Owner's reply

Thank you

Reviews: 1
I have used this compoent for 2 of my site, it has great features that normally shoping cart should have..and its free....very easy to use and configure with k2....however I am finding lots of problem in cross browser testng....need to work in its good...
Not received any kind of if feel its kind of poor performance end of the day..
Reviews: 1
I really like this extension. It's very simple to use and it does a great job.

For future versions, it would be great to have shipping for individual items or shipping based on the product weight.
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