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Lof SlideShow for K2 Module

The Lof K2 SlideShow is a module allow you use to display k2 items in the slideshow. Supported many effects, themes with simple parameters you create a nice module on your site

- Features:
* Support both Joomla! 1.5 Native .
* Displays horizontal, vertical direction (and more) scrolling news using the Joomla! build in mootools framework.
* Allow display the list of k2 from one or many categories, list of item featured....
* Css3 Supported.
* Customize User CSS formatting.
* Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
* Supports scroll in one of directions
* Fully compatible IE6+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5

- Requirement :

* PHP Version greater than 5.x
* Joomla Version greater than 1.5.x
* The 2 Component is installed (download k2 component)

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Reviews: 5
I used it to make a sidebar slider for my customers references and it worked really fine for me.
The only thing I had problems with, was that when I enabled custom class for slider element, the default css file didn't match to it and everything fell apart.
Besides that really great work!
Reviews: 8
Very very very good extension. I just loved it.
I am sure it might have been difficult to make this so thanks a bundle of bundles for Developer!!!

Cheers man!
Reviews: 16
I've installed in several places and works perfectly.
Display by ID, tag, category. Besides, control how many items are displayed. Thank you!
Reviews: 8
Vork fine on Joomla 1.5, very good extension, and I hacked to have some special gallery, with a good result.

On Joomla 1.7, is not possible to save settings, and after some research, also the trick suggested on forum, the module still useless: option can be saved but are hide.

Please just check this issue, because I think this module deserve consideration.

Thanks for the hard work,
Reviews: 1
Hello, thx for excellent modul, but i have 1 question
I make site and I want to devide site for 2 "sub sites" according to K2 kategory.
I have some moduls (left) connected to 1 group and some to 2 group. No problem with assign it thrue menu position, but when somebody click item thru lofk2 slideshow assign to moduls dosnt work.

Both links are to the same content.
First link is when you click on lofk2slideshow modul; in this case I cant assign particulary moduls.
Second link is when you go thrue top menu and in this case I can assign everything what I want.

How to make then click on lofk2slideshow get second link? Thanks in advanse.
Reviews: 2
It was the only free module for K2 J1.6 but I am also very satisfied with it, great job.
Reviews: 1
It's a great module and it works fine. But I want to ask additional question. If it's possible somehow to make navigator possition at the bottom and scroll horizontally? I need to do so, and I think this module best fits my needs. Just requires a little bit additional changes.
Reviews: 2
My Web site is just better with this great non-commercial module. Thanks LOF
Reviews: 6
Excellent module. I cannot believe it's free. I installed it, created a module, named it, didn't touch anything else and it worked perfectly. And it's damn beautiful too. Bravo!
Reviews: 11
What i would like to say is that this is a very good product..without any effort this does wonder ..
Amzing dont need any supporet to configure it because its pretty simple to configure and very nice pretty themes..
Thanx a Lot for your Contribution to the Joomla Community
Reviews: 3
Excellent Module!
just one issue how do I centre this on my page


Reviews: 8
This module does exacly what it says(and shows).
Its very customizeable if you know a little bit of CSS and generaly works fine.

The only con that i found is that if i have an item with publish date in the future the module shows it anyway.
Reviews: 7
This was a joke!! It looks nice,but none of the parameters are changeable!! Just like some of the others said!!! No matter how you change it, the effects don't show!!!!
Don't waste your time!!!!!!
Reviews: 12
Reviews that say

"None of the parameters are working. Wish they would."

Are uploading a joomla 1.5 extension to joomla 1.6 website because, joomla 1.6 parameters xml is different.

This is a very good extension and the parameters do work
Reviews: 9
This must be a hit and miss module, installed it once and all it would do is stick on load, reinstalled to get a fresh install and then it brought my site down. It may work but no point installing something that can be so unreliable.
Reviews: 1
This extension looks really great. It works perfect and has lot of configuration options. I will just recommend that the developers give the option to take off the date for it not to appear in the module and give some different templates or designs to choose.
Reviews: 2
Same problem as "tethmosis".

None of the parameters are working. Wish they would...looks good.
Reviews: 3
up and running in 5 min. Easy to configure also. have been using this module whereever K2 component is use.
Thanks to developer for sharing this module
Reviews: 2
Very nice module but I have the same problem as bhekimadide. The query is publishing all articles even though with a start publishing date in the future. Result 404 errors when you click on the page because Joomla doesn't know the page yet.
This records should not be displayed!
Reviews: 23
The module works fine, unlike others from LOF. If you want any support there is none. I emailed LOF a few times & they haven't replied to any of my emails...

No Support = No more money from me.
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