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Lof SlideShow for K2 Module

The Lof K2 SlideShow is a module allow you use to display k2 items in the slideshow. Supported many effects, themes with simple parameters you create a nice module on your site

- Features:
* Support both Joomla! 1.5 Native .
* Displays horizontal, vertical direction (and more) scrolling news using the Joomla! build in mootools framework.
* Allow display the list of k2 from one or many categories, list of item featured....
* Css3 Supported.
* Customize User CSS formatting.
* Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
* Supports scroll in one of directions
* Fully compatible IE6+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5

- Requirement :

* PHP Version greater than 5.x
* Joomla Version greater than 1.5.x
* The 2 Component is installed (download k2 component)

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Reviews: 3
I have very little time to troubleshoot. I need components that work out of the box, take little end user training and just work. This fits all my requirements. Awesome module if your needs are like mine. Sure it could be more customizable but as it is, this is great and made me look like a star to my client.
Reviews: 3
I don't know what the last guy's problem is/was, but this is an awesome extension!

If you have your k2 articles already created, you can get everything running in a matter of minutes, depending on how familiar you are with the Joomla backend. For me it takes less than five minutes if I don't have to customize. If I do, then I simply go to their forum and mostly everything that I want to do has already been addressed on there!

Reading through the developer's comments to other forum users, you can quickly see how great of support he provides. Keep in mind, the extension is free!

I hope everyone uses this extension whenever they can sends him a few bucks donation each time so that he can keep providing support and pay his bills.

Kind regards!!!
Reviews: 2
Absolute nightmare to configure.
Takes a few hours just to realize that most of the parameters are complete dummies and do not change anything to the module's layout or behavior.
Timeouts and dimensions are not working.
Button On/Off doesn't change anything. (No valid comments explaining what this button is.)

I can achieve some results but had to hack the CSS and php code.

Again, i may have fell on some bad build with bugs caused by recent changes... If not, none of the comments previously made could make any sense to me.
Owner's reply

I make sure that the module working, the problem happened that's conflict bugs, need good skill to resolve them,

Reviews: 4
This is the best slideshow module for K2. It is the first slideshow module that works for me exactly as the demo. This module is also a developer friendly and is developed in a clean way so you can modify it very easily.
Reviews: 1
I do love this module, but if you upload a new image to the image box in an item K2, this module wont replace the old one with the new one even if you clean the cache in admin-->tool;s. So you are stuck with deformed old images, or outdated ones on occasion. Other than that I love it. This is supposed to be for K2, so using the first image in article as I have seen some people suggesting is not really "K2" friendly
Reviews: 7
This module is top notch. Looking forward to more from these talented coders. Thumbs up.
Reviews: 14
Very good, excellent
Reviews: 1
Tons of thanks for developing such a wonderful module.I tried other modules but could not get the desired output.I would rate this as the best for K2.
Reviews: 2
Very good module, immediately stood up as necessary and works just fine. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for such a wonderful and yet FREE extension... it does just what it should, make my site look professional and attractive without too much configuration.

Just thought I should ask you about the possibilities of putting a parameter that works hand in hand with "Start Publish" feature as it currently publishes the "Feature" even before the start publish date which gives a 404 since it is not available according to joomla?

Thanks for the great work! BIG UP
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