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User Extended Fields for K2 PluginExtension Specific Addon

"User Extended Fields for K2" extends the user profile of K2 with additional contact and social details.

Download, install and activate the plugin and all your Joomla!/K2 users will be able to add their expanded contact and social details in their profiles.

This is a K2 plugin and it requires that the component K2 version 2.5.2 or later be installed on your website. For additional information on K2, please visit the related entry here on the Joomla! Extensions Directory:

"User Extended Fields for K2" is a Joomla! plugin interfacing with K2. It's developed by JoomlaWorks & licensed under the GNU/GPL v2 license.

Visit the K2 website:
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Reviews: 1
I have this plugin working with Joomla 2.5 without any issues. Some of the standard social networks might not be to everyone's needs. Also it would better if there were descriptions enter. It is not clear if you should enter complete URLs or just usernames
Reviews: 38
I founded this plugin very usefull.
It must have plugin, if your site works in portal mode and your users can create own items on site.
But I think, that admin options must have more settings, for example to disable specific fields, like Vimeo,, Flickr, Picasa or other (I don't need it on my site).
Of course, it can be deleted from plugin template, but not all webmasters can do it themselves.
Reviews: 3
This plugin is a very good idea, but it just doesn't work the it should and there's one big code problem somewhere. For once, language files are not recognized. You can try anything and you'll just get the code from the language file, not the actual language translation (i.e. USER_NAME_WHATEVER). Of course, you could do like I did, which is to hard-code the language into the files, but that's undesirable. And second, after I sent an e-mail to all the authors in my web that now they could add their social info, I realized that there's no way to do that. Users cannot add the social info through their profiles. The options are missing, so if any user wants their stuff added, the administrator has to add it through the user manager in the Joomla back-end. That's the only way to do it. If your web only has one user, you, this is not a problem, but when you have 30 or 40 authors like myself the updating process become a chore. In the end, I hope Joomlaworks fixes it, even though it seems unlikely because in their page the plugin seems like is not developed anymore. Many people has left messages about the problems I mentioned before and no one has received an answer. Right now I'm looking for a substitute with the same awesome idea.
Owner's reply

As for the first issue, it's been resolved in v2.1. Just upgrade (install on top). BTW this issue was not visible to everyone, as it relates to specific server setups.

As for the 2nd thing you mention, that's a misconfiguration on your side. If you want your users to be able to control these additional fields, you need to provide a menu link for them to "edit" their account details. Just create a menu item to the default user edit account view ("Users" component). K2 extends this form and since the plugin extends K2, your users will see the additional fields.

Reviews: 7
This plugin does not work for Joomla 2.5
Language file is broken.
The last update was 2.0 (last update on Nov 29, 2011), when Joomla 2.5 did not release yet, LOL!
Moreover The Demo doest not work neither.
What a waste of time.. A pity, it would be more than nice, but it is just crap.
Reviews: 8
I would rate this five stars because it does what it is supposed to do. However, there is a problem that the past person posting has referred to that needs to be fixed. There is a discussion on the K2 forum with various hacks suggested but really the folks at JoomlaWorks should just fix the bug. The problem is that the language files appear to not be being seen. So, instead of displaying something like for a field name like "Facebook" it will display "PLG_K@_UEF_FACEBOOK". This is happening for all of the extended field names. Hopefully they will release a new version to fix this soon!
Owner's reply

Resolved in v2.1. Just upgrade (install on top).

Reviews: 5
It's a very very userfull extension and should be included to K2 main component.
Just a little problem; I have created a different language file, from en-GB.plg_k2_userExtendedFields.ini to id-ID.plg_k2_userExtendedFields.ini and add it to userExtendedFields.xml, but the file is not installed. Then I copy it manually to /language/id-ID/ directory, and try to register new user, the plugin showed properly but also in English when the other elements in my language.
Please guide us to fix it. Thank you.
Reviews: 7
Just a little thing that can solve your problem. Easy to install and use. Works without any problems.
Custom fields option would be even better but even that +++.
Reviews: 3
As long as you understand how to use K2, adding this plugin is easy and works as expected. You can use this for so many things, and it is very easy to customize the css presentation on the front-end while adding unlimited fields and extra information to your user pages. Great for staff bios, community sites, classified ads/listings, and many types of directories. Using this extension, K2 is almost a complete substitute for older directory components like Sobi.
Reviews: 22
A little very nice plug-in for K2.
In fact, it turns Joomla with K2 into huge profile/community system...
It also used for websites with catalogs or properties like B2B classified and Autos/Real estates...etc.
It opens doors and doors for new ideas and new uses of the great K2 Extension.. Congratulations
Hope to see more and more like this plug-in soon.