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Slider for K2 Module

K2 Slider is a simple way to display some information from K2 with a nice JQuery slider effect. We built K2 slider with simplicity in mind. K2 slider takes the text from the "intro text" and displays it in the main box. When you click the button, the box expands and shows the information that is below the "read more" so you are required to use "read more" to use this module. K2 Slider also use the picture from K2 and allows you to set you own size for the pic as well as settings your own colors and text.

Report Extension



Reviews: 8
This is a really cool little module. I can't think of another one that works quite like this. PixelPoint is really great at out of the box extensions.

But this is a free extension, and maybe for that reason, it hasn't received all the attention it should from the programmers.

The settings panel is lacking. Why not give the option for vertical (rows) or horizontal (columns) or even both.

You must use all three panels. ...why? Why not 2 panels, or 5 panels, or (again) two rows of three panels.

This module is gorgeous, but only works for people who have exactly three categories they want items pulled from, and who want to display exactly three items in a row.

After close to two years, I can only hope they re-evaluate this extension, and decide it's worth some new features.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, easy to configure and it works.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension, easy to configure.

Maybe it could be a good idea, make somekind of filter, because you can only choose category or sub-category display with no order.

If you choose same category in the three boxes, it will display the same article.
Reviews: 2
This module is 1 of the best modules' to handle with. No need of even adding CSS, & the best part of it is that its module has a very attractive layout as compared to default modules in manager. have a look @ its free extensions too:
Reviews: 1
I have being searching for a suitable slider extension to display my K2 items for a while. This is the best I can find so far, even better than some commercial extension in my opinion.

Very easy to use, nice JQuery effect, plus good support.