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Tabber Pro for K2 PluginExtension Specific Addon

K2Tabber Pro v1.8 is the professional version of K2Tabber. It is an extension of K2 (Plugin + K2 Template) which allows the subdivision in Tabs of all k2 article fields.

Pay attention: now the extension supports all Joomla and K2 versions!

Through the plugin you can decide to:

- to divide in tab the standard fields, leaving the extra fields in list format
- to divide in tab only extra fields
- to divide in tab standard fields and extra fields activating the double Tab! (Nested tab)
These simple options can order the contents in professional style, giving more flexibility to K2 for the development of any portal.
Once the package is installed, simply select "K2Tabber" by the "Layout Template" in a category and set the options that appear below the editor.

- added compatibility with JComments
- added compatibility with JomComments
- added compatibility with all Comments Plugins
- optimized HTML to give more stability to the extension
- added option to set Label Text and CSS for Preview tab.
- added option to set Label Text and CSS for Description tab.
- added option to set Label Text and CSS for Additional Info tab.
- added option to set Label Text and CSS for Related Video tab.
- added option to set Label Text and CSS for Image Gallery tab.
- added option to set Label Text and CSS for Comments tab.

Notice: we thanks all customer for their help with our development. Their advice has been important for the development of K2Tabber Pro v1.8!

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Reviews: 1
Didn't work (at all) with a Joomlart template.

They no longer support this plugin either.

Steer clear.

I bought the SW Tabs Pro plugin. Seems like a much better option.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension recently and I wanted to add a few extra features to it, however the support team quickly response to help me within 2 hours!
Thanks a lot for great product and service.
Reviews: 1
After 11 days of waiting for a solution to the problem and having no answer from the developer I sadly have to submit such a bad review on this extension.
I followed the standard procedure... buy, install, activate, but when I tried to configure it as it appears on the demo page I found the extension doesn't display the configuration panel, so there's no way of making it work in the first place.
I contacted immediately customer service, through the forum and via e-mail, and noticed that I was not the only one asking for this particular problem.
At first they answered, but as the days passed and probable solutions were discarded, they stopped replying e-mails and forum posts.
So, basically I lost my money... Not nice considering they have a great extension like k2Tabber Free which was the one I tried first and why I decided to buy the k2Tabber Pro version.
Owner's reply

We answered you several times (2 tickets, 2 mail)
I asked you to attach your screen to a specific ticket assegned to my specific developer (Andrea), but you didn't attached them.

We can't help you if you don't follow the true way to ask help.

If you ask refund we can refund without problem.

I don't understand your wrong feedback here (1 star).
It's no possible if we have all 5 star and 1 4 star..

Reviews: 1
Thank you for your great Plugin and your fast Support. Everything is working fine, Plugin was installed in a minute and gives me great possibilities to display my content in K2. Thanks a lot
Regards Karin
Reviews: 4
I purchase this plugin today and has tried it on my localhost. It works great!
The only problem, as many other customers has mentioned, is the style displaying. You have to customize it to make it look "harmony" with you template. But this is not a big problem, because it has its own css file, and it's very easy to make changes as you need.
I have one question: I can only download it twice after purchasing. So how can I update this plugin if there is any updates available in the future?
Anyway, this is a good extension!
Owner's reply

Thanks for good feedback!

Any update can be request by PM (Forum) to any admin or moderator attaching paypal transaction id. We will send you all future updates for free.

Best Regards

Reviews: 1
The easiest way to make the component K2 convenient and compact. Ease of use and fast support.

Thanks for a great product.
Reviews: 5
I give it a good rating because the functions of the product are awesome for K2 items. It's very nice to have the ability to tab your items and it's pretty robust in it's features.

But understand that if you're using another template besides the default k2 template (i.e. templates clubs that style with k2)... This product uses their own template. SO in category you have to select this k2tabberpro template to work. But that coding will turn it back to the k2 default styling. So if your using another template you're going to have to cut and paste code to merge it together. It's not too bad if you know what you're doing but I assumed the tabs was a plugin that would just tab into whatever template I had but it doesn't.

AGAIN GREAT PRODUCT LOVE IT. BUT know that if you have your own styled k2 template you're going to have to merge with this one.

Also not real happy about the service. They never got back to me when I posted on their comment board. I don't mind that so much for a free product but I paid for this one. However it was under $10 so I can't complain too much.
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension recently and get a small trouble with it, however the support team quickly response to help me within 2 hours! Thanks a lot for great product and service.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is really easy to use and custom With this extra template you can a great improvement of K2 items templates.
The support is good and very good.
Reviews: 5
I bougth this plugin, because, it's simple, only install and select template in category, and bualaaaa¡¡¡¡

I think k2tabber is very helpful when you need give a k2 item a new face.

RECOMMENDES, this is not expensive¡¡¡
Reviews: 9
Superior and great extension! It is so easy to split content into tabs!
the support is excellent, customer gets updates by email, it is more than worth the money it costs. It adds a new dimension to K2 layout!
Reviews: 5
great extension - never thought, it could be so easy to split content into tabs!
the support is excellent, customer gets updates by email, so without any doubt, this extension is a 10 stars rating extension in any way.
thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
I have just bought the extension, and I got a very good feedback and support from the support team.
Reviews: 22
clean, simple, professional..
thanks for the great work..
Will you please add options for:
1- selecting which category handle K2 tabber Pro.
2- Adding K2 plug-ins as K2mart, K2store.
3- option to let tabs appear also on sides (right/left) with animations..
That will maximize the magic of K2tabber pro.
Thanks for the good project... keep it on please.
Owner's reply

Hi Tqrowgy,

we are taking note of many suggestions of users.
In the future versions we should add many fetures.

Really thanks so much for your advice, they are really useful for us.


Reviews: 1
This tabber is more than worth the money. It worked better than I had hoped. I had a slight issue setting it up at first and emailed them and they responded within a short period of time and helped me with very easy to follow instructions. Excellent product and Technical Support. I will definitely check out there other products now as well.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin to split my k2 content into tabs. From version 1.7 work like a charm also on complex templates with k2 overrides like rockettheme ones
Reviews: 1
Good extension. Easy to install. I tried a lot extansion to split my content in tab. Thanks!