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JE K2 Story Component

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
100% MVC structure follow. User can add your stories in K2 items
Front end:
User can add stories into the K2 item. Admin and users get mail after user adds the story. Admin approve than show up in front-end. CAPTCHA code feature is available in front end side. User can upload images into the K2 item images. “Accept Terms & Condition” page are configure form the K2 items from the back-end that is display on front-end.
Back end:
Admin can configure the category and email address. Also admin can select the category whatever they want. Admin email format also user email format setting from back-end. Easy to make or change email format using wysing editor.
Admin can disable and enable the category selection option.
- Admin can configure the category and email address.
- Easy to make or change email format using wysing editor in the back end.
- User can add story in K2 items. Admin and users get mail after user adds the story.
- Putting the CAPTCHA code for security.
- User can upload images from front end into K2 images.
- Admin approve than show up in front-end.

Please add review about our extensions after download.
New features in Version 1.2
- Now display the dynamic field as per k2 category.
- Save that dynamic filed into database same as k2 component.
New features 1.3 Version :-
- Set the permission from the back-end.
- Register group permission set in k2 category as per that display in front-end.
- New captcha code added.
New features in Version 1.3.1:-
- Register user now add,edit his submitted data from the front-end.
- Available now in joomla 1.6 and joomla 1.7 also

New 1.4 Version :-
- As per category selections back-end that display on front-end.

New 1.5 Version :-
In this we add Filter Search, Show publish Status in front-end, auto published the item when post the story.

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Reviews: 3
the component had few issues and i emailed them and it took 2 days them to respond for my issue. What they did was just a quick fix for my website rather than fixing their component.

I will not recommend this component to anyone
Reviews: 1
I was looking for this extension for months. Now I found it, this JE K2 Multiple Story was just what I expected. Also the support is great. Just asked them and they help you!!

Thank you,
Reviews: 3
This component is awesome and very easy!it is what i was looking for!Only one little issue..on one site although i submit the article, on backend i see no items in k2 to approve.. :/
Reviews: 2
I wouldn't know where to begin implementing this stuff but I do know it is needed, and if you made the program in the first place I bet you can figure it out, feel me?

It is hard getting how to edit extra fields so they bring down from the categories but I figured with a k2 extra fields plugin that it should work famously besides the stuff I wish it had or should I say, it just should have.

Its been almost 24 hours since I sent a troubleshoot email and still have not got a reply back but I am sure 'they' are busy?

There is not anything that I could find to work with that I have to do for my Electronic Cigarette Liquid Recipe Site for people to be able to submit recipes. I do however want to know how to take the editor out or how to replace the standard fields to read something besides submit article.. I mean they are after all submitting 'items' :)

Another things is be able to have it submit from different pages so you can customized the 'submit page' look.

There needs to be a little more options but I know that comes with time but I mean I would think they are pretty basic things you want to edit or am I just crazy?
Owner's reply

We are reply you with in 24 hrs also, in your site conflict one plugin with our component that not our issue we are also ready to help you in that, Also mail you regarding that we are working on it.

All features in that component, For more features we are also added JE k2 Multistory component there.

Reviews: 3
If you only need a simple form for front end k2 submissions... So many things make this extension an ideal replacement for k2's original forms. I have been using the extension for several versions.


- I found it to be a much faster upload that the k2 form
- The email notification was a great asset that I don't believe is inherent in k2
- with the "multiple forms" version of k2 story, there is so much control over creating different forms for different categories and different permissions
- The forms are MUCH more user friendly than original k2 forms.. without any hacking
- The support has been timely and sincere at working out issues and the extension has improved greatly over the span of its releases

- The information that can be submitted is just the basic title, content, image, and extra fields... great for most but could be limiting for some.
- I found a couple of bugs over the years but the support has been great at sorting them out. For many people, working out a bug with the developer is easier than hacking k2 to get what you want.

Summary: For a basic user friendly front end form without hacking k2, this extension is very great.
Reviews: 1
It basically allows users to submit their k2 item from front-end, users can upload their own image, captcha supported.
The problem is, when unregistered users try to open k2story page, they will be redirected to the homepage, which is nonsense. They should be redirected to the login page, and be reminded they should login or created an account first.
Reviews: 2
We recently transferred our entire music magazine to Joomla 2.5, and wanted our users to be able to write there one reviews. For that purpose, JE K2Story was the right extension for us.
I was very excited when I purchases the extension and everything worked, as it should.
However, when we were finished importing all our news, reviews, articles and interviews to K2, the JE K2story extension stopped working. The extension became slow when loading the submit site, and because of that it became useless. No users want to wait 2+ minutes before a webpages is loaded.

I need to point out that we have over 11.000 articles and 300+ registered users in K2.
I believe that it is cause of K2 story slowing down when loading.

However, if you have a small site or at least smaller than ours, this is the extension for you.
Reviews: 1
K2 Story did exactly what I need and said. After installing I had an idea/question.

The developers answer and their solution far exceeded my expectations.
Reviews: 1
I wanted users to submit items and edit their own items. K2 Story did exactly that.
But I needed more. I did not want the users to select their own category on the submission form. I wanted the category to be preset. At a very reasonable fee, they customised this for me so that I now have "K2MultiStory". Users can select between submitting news, products, listings, etc. in a menu. Administrators get a notification of all new items to review and publish while the users get a list of their own items which they can edit and delete. If you have these needs, I can highly recommend this component.
Reviews: 1

The extension is great, although the support is out of the box.

It's very easy and clean. If you use K2 extra fields this plugin is what you want. With K2 Story you're able to make different forms in a smooth frontend form. You can set a mail for yourself and the submitter.

I sad it was clean and it is. At first you'll think: "This is all?" Only if you set the options to your wishes, you'll see everything is working perfectly.

Last week I mainly bought it because of the good commented service. And this is totally true. The support is amazing!

Thanks again!
Reviews: 4
This Component is good
but however i found some problems in it
This Component does not follow the user group concept of K2
The catagories are still visible to user who has rite to post items
Catagires and child catagoires are not shown differently they are shown all as parent catagoires
If any K2 user group is not giving access to specific categories this component not work
so i may wasted my $19
nothing as good as it seen
it may bee good for joomla 1.5
Reviews: 4
Exactly this: excellent component and excellent support team!! The component works fine, easy to install and make it works, and when I have had a minor problem with this, the support team have solved this in less than 24 hours. Perfect!! Thanks jextensions!!
Reviews: 8
I need to give this extension an EXCELLENT rating because it does what it says. I had assumed it also did a bit more and wrote in for support and instead of telling me that it did not do what I wanted they realized it was a good idea and wrote it into the product for me, created a new version and sent it to me. How good is that? (answer: very good!)

The feature I wanted was to be able to use K2 Extra Fields so that I could have people fill out extra fields data as well as submit a story. They built it into 1.5.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

If I had any complaint it would be that it is slow to get support due to the time zone issue and it took us a few try's to understand each other. So, it took a few days. But, I was NOT in a hurry so am completely satisfied!

Sean Carney
Reviews: 9
I would have given this 5* if it were not for the delay between making my Paypal payment and getting access to the download. I had to contact developer to get this sorted.
As for the component - it is excellent. Worked off the box on Joomla 2.5.4 and most of the options were intuitive.
All of the options are set in the Component dialog. For multiuser sites it would be nice if the options could be set at the menu item level so that more than one instance of the com could be implemented - perhaps in the next version
Reviews: 6
The K2 form has always been ugly but now this did exactly what I wanted it to do. The support was also excellent.

Reviews: 1
after you pay, you will download bunch of bugs,
you will never get support unless you pay more to receive it. i have not paid the second step because if they could make it, they would have done it to begin with, unless they are cheaters so is better to not pay even one more cent.
most of their extensions is listed at joomla vulnerable extensions. thanks to joomla. i wish i had taken it serious.
finally awful
Owner's reply


There are zero bugs in JE K2 story component, Component just put down data into k2 component, k2 not stable in Joomla 1.7 that's why some problem in 1.7 version with k2.

This component working fine more than 200 website without any error, We are not taking any extra payment give you 100% support with out any charge until customer not satisfied. Never Cheating with any client.

Vulnerable extensions is only now two not added JE K2 story Vulnerable extensions. all vulnerable error will solve just my website not add that statement that's why display that two extensions display there.

Hardik mistry

Reviews: 1
First of, If your like me and many others that are looking for a solution for the unfriendly frontend content submit in k2, Then this extension is for you.

Ok So i bought the extension, it was very easy to setup and was up and running in little time.

I had questions for the developer, and couldn't believe the speed at which my questions were replied. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD SUCH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE.

This extension is worth it, and if you have any questions or problems the author/developer will be with you asap.

I cannot stress how great customer service was to me.
Reviews: 3
Have been looking for this component for sometime ..Final got it....The best component ever...up and running in 5 mins.....
Have deployed this in all my sites..
Kudos guys.....
Reviews: 2
I purchased this, downloaded it and had it installed and configured within 10-15 minutes. It is simple and does exactly what I needed it to do. The best feature for me is that it adds the unpublished item (article) directly to the K2 category that you specify in admin. Also, it allows regular, "registered" users to submit content to the web site without having to first be set as an "author" or other admin group. I fairly experienced with Joomla 1.5, but I am not a programmer, so this extension was a perfect fit for me.