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StyleWare K2 Google Maps Plugin

We decided to create a unique plugin to allow using Google Maps in K2 items and categories. With our demos, you will find how cool it is.

With this plugin you can:
1. Add map with pin to each K2 entry.
2. Choose the map type like roadmap, satellite etc (globally and per item).
3. Choose from 4 color sets of icons (globally).
4. Set locale like English, Russian etc. (globally).
5. Choose the zoom (globally and per item).
6. No need for API key. It runs out of the box.
7. You can now choose the type of pin type (i.e. hotel, bar, restaurant etc.) to add (we have added some most common, you may decide to use any with small modification).
8. You enter the address and the plugin will use the Google geocoding function to determine the correct place.
9. Support for displaying all items in a category into a single map with link to each entry.
10. Supports Google Street View.
11. Supports Weather and clouds layers.
12. Map in item admin view for easy drag and drop adding of coordinates
13. Can use K2 extra fields for coordinates and address
14. Supports google streetview
15. Radius search
16. Many more features

Want to see it in action?
Demo 1 – K2 Item (single entry). -
Demo 2 – K2 Category (all entries in a category). -

*** Demo 3 – 5 000 items at once -

*** Only with our map you can load more than 5 000 markers (K2 items) at once! ***

***You can check our other map extensions***:

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2. Multi-tool Map module:

Release history:
v2.8.0 - 16.05.2013
[+]Google streetview options are added. Now you can load streetview directly into the map or in seperate box.
[+]K2 Maps plugin now use the latest visual style of google maps.

v2.7.8 - 15.04.2013
[+]Ability to display map in menus getting items from more than one category
[+]If you add "multilang" in Locale will get automatically the language of the site

v2.7.6 - 31.03.2013
[^]Radius filtering bugfix
[+]Parameter for unit selection (km/miles)
[+]Parameter to show/hide introtext inside pop-up
[+]Parameter to specify the introtext width

v2.7.5 - 26.03.2013
[+] Radius filtering the markers
[+] Color pack`s support
[+] Category zoom control parameter when there is only one marker on the map

v2.7.6 - 31.03.2013
[^]Radius filtering bugfix
[+]Parameter for unit selection (km/miles)
[+]Parameter to show/hide introtext inside pop-up
[*]Parameter to specify the introtext width

v2.7.5 - 26.03.2013
[+]Radius filtering the markers
[+]Color pack`s support
[+]Category zoom control parameter when there is only one marker on the map

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Reviews: 1
I have been using Styleware K2 Maps for a little over a year now. During this time I have enjoyed a very positive experience using this plug-in. It allows for a great deal of customization and versatility. Recently, I came across a unique situation where I required the two unique sets of plug-in settings. This was not something built into the plug-in. I decided that creating a unique duplicate of this plug-in was an appropriate solution. I contacted Styleware to ask for help making the needed changes and asked how much it would cost. I was very pleasantly surprised that they made the changes for me at no cost and in a timely manner to boot. I was/am very appreciative as this was not something Styleware HAD to do. Overall this is a great product if your using K2 and even though I have rarely ever needed support, when I have it has been spot on and even surprised me positively. I strongly recommend this plug-in to anyone with mapping needs.
Reviews: 9
I've used this plugin on a number of sites over the past couple of years and never once had an issue. It does what it says, out of the box, allowing you to map items on a google map. Perfect for store locations, properties and much more.

Most recently I installed an existing site, and it failed to work... so I looked through their forums and posted a question. It was answered almost immediately with an offer of assistance from the developer.

Then the developer went above and beyond the normal and fixed the issue right on my site.

You can't buy that kind of help for their price.. but its there.

Fantastic, Super, Great.
Reviews: 3
Google map with markers for K2 works great.
Quick help developers.
I would recommend buying
Reviews: 8
Totally recommend this plug-in. it works out of the box is responsive and I didn't have to touch a line of CSS.

Add to this that the customer service from Styleware is world class both in time to respond and clarity.

I only needed help because of an integration challenge with another K2 plugin and their help was way over and above my expectations.
Reviews: 4
The extension is amazing! Works like a charm, it is easy to configure, and the support - fast and friendly. Definitely worth much more than the price it has.
Reviews: 3
Tested several other extensions from other firms, this one is really working fast and smooth. And the support is really outstanding, best support I have experienced for years.
Reviews: 23
Well the product works as advertised! and works well...
Fast to install - fast to operate and works great!

Support was lightning fast...
i'm a happy client and will definitely consider more extensions from this developer.
Reviews: 2
Prompt and extensive support! Even if the plugin was free, I would pay this price for this priceless support!

Plugin answers all the needs of my site already and very easy to install & use. It does all the things written above. Furthermore the plugin does whatever I imagine with the prompt support of the developer!
Reviews: 7
These guys hold nothing back when it comes to customizing and support. The extension does what it says and they listen to requests in a prompt and reasonable fashion.
Reviews: 1
The extention is so great! It works good and the handling is easy.
You can do so much things and if you need help you get it very quick and friendly and your issue is solved within only some hours only.
I am absolutely happy to work with the extention and the team behind.
Reviews: 2
This plugin is amazing! But support is better! Good job guys!
Reviews: 1
I had been looking for an extension for maps with support for K2 and found this plugin is exactly what I had been looking for, also has a great support team
Reviews: 2
Very good plugin. Easy installation and setup. With just a few clicks of the mouse is already set. If combined with the addition SW Tabs for K2 pages are wonderful. Congratulations!!! Great team!
Reviews: 1
I am extremely happy to have found this plugin, especially as the developers take the support extremely seriously and releases updates within days of bugs discovered. I would give them 7 stars if possible.
Reviews: 9
It is a must have component for K2 that lists Vacation rentals, real estate properties and other similar markets. Support is outstanding even on weekend for me! I had some conflicts with another plugin they went into the code fixed some scripts and everything works perfect!
How the map in the category field is connected with K2 items, thats unbelievable!
Reviews: 1
This is my first review on JED. I am very satisfied with this extension and I can tell you that you can buy without hesitate. The support is very good!

Keep up the good work guys and thank you!
Reviews: 4
I use this extension on heavily modified custom Joomla website and after install all is pretty looking and well working. The idea and realization of plugin are ok. Will be good to have this plugin integrated with more joomla components.
Reviews: 2
This plugin does exactly what it promises. The support is also excellent. I totally recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I needed a solution to generate maps very quickly, and was tired of having to manage maps from my google account. I wish I had searched for something like this earlier, as I had existing K2 items for each entity I wanted on a map. I used this to display over 30 churches that included contact information, K2 custom fields, and driving directions. The installation went flawlessly, and within a few minutes I had a map appearing on our site. There is no current ability to use custom icons from the configuration, but it looks like that feature is coming very soon. I was able to add my own icons after a few minutes of trial and error. I did have an unrelated error with the plugin which was rectified by the developer within 24 hours of posting in the styleware forum, and he made the change for me, so I didn't have to do a thing. So, support was superior to many of the commerical extensions I've purchased. The only suggestion I'd make for the future would be to hide the plugin interface in the K2 item for categories not set to display maps, but otherwise there is a lot of value to this plugin and my money was well spent. I feel my client can now administer the maps easily, all within J! and K2.
Owner's reply


thanks for your review. Just to note something - there is more than an easy way to add custom icons - just upload them to the folder "own".

We will consider your suggestion about not showing the plugin in not selected categories, but this has downside also - one will not be able to add map to any of this category items. This option is often used when you don't want to show the map in category view, but only in the item.

Reviews: 2
This is the best google map extension that you can find!

It has all features of the Google Map API, and if there is something that the plugin can't do, the guys from styleware adding it as soon as you ask them.

The Support is just incredible...
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