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SJ K2 Mega Slider Module

When you work with SJ K2 Mega Slider of us, you will be charmed by smooth motion of slides or flexibility of navigations or distinction of styles of ReadMore Button. Specially, if you are not a persion who is familiar with working on Joomla 1.5 or 2.5, you mustn't worried about setting params. Params in SJ K2 Mega Slider are very clear and you can use them easily. In addition, we supported K2 Mart for this module and you can show price of your products if you want.

Please don't waver more! Let's get SJ K2 Mega Slider and alter your ideas becoming the reality right now


1. Support for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5
2. Support all browsers (IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
3. Support for K2 Mart in Joomla! 1.5
4. Support 25 effects for the module
5. Show or hide featured item
6. Sort order by: Recently Added First, Recently Modified First, Most Popular, Least Popular, Random, Title type
7. Allow to change width of opacity and module
8. Limit number of items to show on module
9. Support to set position display image: Left/Right
10. Support many styles of Navigation
11. Allow to change max length of titles, descriptions
12. Allow to use/remove HTML code
13. Allow to add link for titles/images
14. Support many style of Read More Button
15. Support to change the default of item link to other link
16. Support to add text at the top of module and the end of module.
17. You can change width/height of small and large thumbnails
18. Support opening link in: Same Window, New Window, Popup Window
19. Allow to set Auto/not for play slideshow
20. Support to add note for module in some cases
21. Support jQuery Library
22. Support caching to make your website loads faster

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Reviews: 1
This module is great. I've tried so many 'article shows' for my frontpage, from paid to free. This is the first one that finally worked well, and that is because it allows so much customization. You can customize the image size, the titles, the styles, the buttons, everything. So it is easier to make it fit into any template as compared to others. I used it with K2 items, and on a Rockettheme template, with a VTEM slider on the mainpage, and so far, not issues or conflicts between this or any other program. Great tool!!
Reviews: 8
Extension is not what is advertised. Crop resize doesn´t function as it should. Response in intern issue tracker is like: "What would you change in code ?"

When you answer that you woudn´t ask if you knew how to code and make function working, no answer after this.

Too many div´s and classes. As a matter of fact single module has almost so many div and classes as whole "Home" webpage.

Module is a way too complicated regarding coding.

And i see website od developer disclose my full name (not nickname, but my real name) in Google index and cache.
Reviews: 2
Hi, Please cancel my last review on "Content Mega Slider". I am not able to revise my review because I am only allowed one review. Youtech did get back to be to help solve the issue and I was to hasty with my review - making this an unfair review for youtech.
I do not know any other way to contact you. Thank you.
Reviews: 7
exellent module, works perfectly in all browsers!!