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Multiple Rating for K2 Plugin

With this plugin you will be able to add multiple ratings with different titles for your K2 articles.

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Reviews: 6
This plugin does what it says it will, but it does it in an odd way.

It creates its own CSS, templates, etc. so template modifications and overrides will stop working as expected. It created a major headache for me on installation.

Once you know what's happening, it's not hard to edit the multirate templates, but doing things in such an unorthodox way makes me question the quality of the plugin. I won't be using it any further because I don't want any more nasty surprises.
Owner's reply

Hello, nelliott.

Sorry, that it dissapoint you.

Unfortunately, there is no another way for provide new features, it is require template changes and multirating plugin uses own template. You can override it as standard template in your template's folder.

Reviews: 6
Fantastic addon for K2

Our team spent a lot of time looking for extension like this.

Even this directory will be better if user can rate more than one thing.
In that case i will rate this ext:

Usefulness 5 star
Support 5 star
Easiness 5 star
Price: 5 star
Reviews: 1

you have a great work here, i wanna ask you if we Can embed this plugin in form of add item , to let user rate himself NOT Others rate the item ???!

Wait for your response.
Reviews: 11
This works exactly like I expected. Allows you put multiple ratings into a K2 item.

It was easy to setup and works great.

Only downside is there's no way to setup different options based on the category. There's only 1 of ratings which you can apply to all or specific categories. Hopefully they expand on this in the future!

Overall, great extension, highly recommended.
Reviews: 5
bought this plugin for a holiday resorts review page and it works "out of the box".
If you have a standard template. Not like mine and some other extensions and plugins combined.
But I contacted Andrey and asked him for some support and he helped me in this issues fast and professional.
Everything was fixed within few hours.
Thanks and 5 stars for outstanding support.