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Filter and Search for K2 ModulePlugin

This module can filter your K2 content by several extra fields, tags, category and item text at the same time.

Module features:

--- Display search fields as text field, drop-down select, multi-select, slider, slider with range value select, radio, tag (ability for multiple tags select), category, item title (text and A-Z), item text, item creation/publish dates;
--- Restrict search to specific category (static by category ID(s) and auto by the category you are viewing);
--- Order search fields;
--- Display search fields in several columns;
--- Order search results by extrafields;
--- Display search results in standard category view;
--- AJAX search results.

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension for searching events, hotels and restaurants and have choosen this module. The one appeared to be very usefull and flexible. Resposing exactly to my needs. And what's more Andrey assured professional service when I was trying to adopt module to my website. And also gave some advice in answer to my questions.
Reviews: 5
I don't usually post reviews but in this case I can't not!

I have purchased two extensions from Andrey and for one specific project had to make quite a few modifications. Andrey was there every time I needed assistance, going above and beyond what I expected.

Being relatively new to CSS, he was incredibly patient and explained to me why the changes or edits worked.

Hats off to you Andrey for your wonderful support!
Reviews: 9
Audrey is exceptional with his service, quick responses and willingness to help. The filter works very well and is well priced. I highly recommend.
Reviews: 3
I have a document repository that needs to be searchable on many levels. After trying every document extension out there and finding that no one had extensive search functions, I came back to K2 and found this gem from Andrey. Had a little trouble getting it going (my own fault), but he responded very quickly via email to all my questions. It works just like I hoped it would. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
this module is very well built, very stable and packed with options. after installing, i wrote a few emails asking andrey (the developer) a few questions. he was very quick to respond, and solved all my issues. i wish all extensions were that good, with such a great support.
Reviews: 4
The developer is simply outstanding. The product is great but what counts most is the brilliant support that he provides! I had a number of questions and they were all fixed and answered in less then an hour! This is not something you get often even here! Thank you Andrey for your support and devotion. You really do make a difference!
Reviews: 2
The extension is easy to use and set up. A really flexible tool with lots of permutations.

When I did have a question about it, Andrey went out of his way to help.

I cannot thank Andrey enough. Superb extension. Superb support!
Reviews: 1
I must agree with the majority of the reviews, the module is great - the support is off the hook. Andrey replied to my questions within minutes and had me up and running in no time. Highly recommended - Kudos!!
Reviews: 7
This is great filtering module for K2.

I need a simple and easy to use solution and I choose this module.
Reviews: 2
As others have mentioned below me, the support provided was not only excellent but extremely quick as well. I had an issue with the plugin and a different version was given to me for reinstall. It worked like a charm!

The plugin is also very simple to setup and powerful enough to provide whatever you're looking for in a search/filter system.

Thank you again!
Reviews: 3
I will not comment about the module which is great but about the support.
Support is excellent, Andrey response to my messages immediately and fixes all problems.

Reviews: 2
The other reviews are telling the truth - the support is impeccable. Responses within hours, including code changes for particular needs. Highly recommended!!
Reviews: 3
It is by now cliche to see that Andrey Miasoedev gives amazing support -- but I feel compelled to do it anyway!

First, he created a wonderfully-versatile component. But then he cheerfully, patiently and without question added customizations to that component for me that added much-needed functionality not available anywhere else on the market. Without asking anything for it. What is perhaps even more amazing is that I can tell from the reviews here that I am far from the first person he's done this for - and it looks likely that he did this for several of us at once. As a non-developer, non-designer tromping around trying to make a big website that does complicated things, the value of this level of hands-on support goes well beyond what words can express. If only I could buy this level of support (or even help to make 'out of the box' functionality work) on my other components for $30! (Heck, for this white-glove approach I'd be willing to pay a whole lot more than that!)
Reviews: 1
The BEST K2 Extension - The BEST SERVICE I have EVER received on ANY product I have ever purchased!
The only reason I registered for an account on Joomla's site was I simply had to write a glowing review of Andrey's extension and customer service. I only wish there was a 10 star option labeled something like "out of this world." This is the first time in the last 2 years that I've felt forced to drop everything to sit down and write a review of any product I've bought.

It worked perfectly out of the box and I was able get it up and running in 15 minutes (I'm not exaggerating!) The number of options and different ways you can filter the results is astounding. It really does take K2 to another level. If you are going to use any K2 extra fields in your site, buying this extension is absolutely necessary.

The only problem I had initially was the extra fields weren't sorted alphabetically/numerically, they were listed in the order you had added the values. As most of the other reviews have mentioned, Andrey replied quickly. I'll share his very easy to implement solution as I haven't seen it noted anywhere else and I expect most users will want their extra field values sorted.

----I submitted this review with the code, but it was rejected. If you look at Andrey's reviews on the K2 site I posted it there. -----

Later I decided I wanted to add a new feature to my searches which it couldn't handle out of the box. I knew it would be extremely difficult to make work. Before I bothered Andrey I searched for a solution, unsuccessfully, for hours over the course of a couple days. Entirely stumped, I asked Andrey if he could help. Again he responded within hours. I'm not exactly sure how many hours he spent trying to create a custom solution, but from the number of emails we exchanged and the amount of time he was logged in to my site, I'm betting it was at least 10. To my astonishment, he didn't stop after he realized how much time it would take and ask to be paid for his time. Considering I had only paid him the $30 purchase price and I was trying to add a new feature, not just basic customization, I can't think of any other company or individual who wouldn't have, justifiably, expected additional compensation. Andrey, thanks again for your incredible generosity!

Even though I don't need another license at the moment, I'm buying another for future use just to show my gratitude.

Well, I think I've said my piece. ;-)
Reviews: 24
More support, more functions!
This module earns all best notes from me. It is possible to use it on commercial projects - with this quality of support you will be not lost.

There are more functions in a comparison with other K2 search modules: i say just "working connected fields";)

A bit tricky is the arrangement of the search elements with the module own ordering options, but i went another way and solved this with the ordering of fields in my K2 backend.

Btw: last 2 K2 updates are not a problem for this module: i tested it by myself, and asked the developer. He answered, there are no troubles counted.
Reviews: 1
Thank you Andrey for not only providing us with a great extension but also for the greatest support when asked.
Mariana Frade
Reviews: 1
I am using this module for a while now, and everything worked great from the beginning.
When i updated to a new version of K2 i ran into a problem, within an hour the creator of this module fixed my problem.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a Filter & Search module able to deal with a large quantity of items (+1700) and this module works perfectly.
As I had some minor problems I contacted Andrey and he gives a great and swift support. Just a dream comparing to many other providers. Good product - Good service !
Reviews: 8
I have bought this module over a year ago, and i installed it to a new site with the latest k2. Some problems occured and i emailed throught the site's support "Contact Us"...

the anwser was immediate!! and in 2 hours i had the solution in my hands!

very proffessional. Thanks for everything Andrey
Reviews: 1
This module just works. Very well. Adding the ability to filter and search on K2 Extra Fields is a huge step forward for K2 / Joomla.

And as others have said, Andrey, the developer is very responsive. When K2 had it's recent 'hiccup' with Extra Fields not working correctly in the front end editor Andrey was quick to update K2filter too and, on request, provided me with an updated version.

In my opinion this module is superior to the Joomlart one. 2 big winners for me are the ability to have the search results match the original category layout. Not possible in the Joomlart version. And the search box, slider, selector options are more extensive in this one.

Top marks all round.
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