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Filter and Search for K2 ModulePlugin

This module can filter your K2 content by several extra fields, tags, category and item text at the same time.

Module features:

--- Display search fields as text field, drop-down select, multi-select, slider, slider with range value select, radio, tag (ability for multiple tags select), category, item title (text and A-Z), item text, item creation/publish dates;
--- Restrict search to specific category (static by category ID(s) and auto by the category you are viewing);
--- Order search fields;
--- Display search fields in several columns;
--- Order search results by extrafields;
--- Display search results in standard category view;
--- AJAX search results.

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Reviews: 7
This extension is excellent, easy to install and use. No technical skills required and if you want support to customise it this is available and provided almost immediately. I can't thank the support team enough.
Reviews: 4
This product works beautifully and I'm blown away by the support provided by Andrey. I had a couple of questions and each time he responded to me within a matter of hours, always providing exactly what I needed.

One thing that might help others in setting it up that wasn't intuitively obvious: for each Filter type that you want to display, you have to choose a corresponding option in the Select Extra field box. For example, my first Filter type is "Category multiple select." In the Select Extra field box, I chose "Not extra field 1" because there is no extra field associated with Category. Once I figured that out, my filters displayed correctly on the front end.
Reviews: 10
This is a must have K2 Search Module especially if your using K2 for vacation rentals and using extra fields for search filter! Andrey provided me incredible fast and outstanding support! I do highly recommend this module if you need to filter on K2 extrafields. Andrey went out of ordinary support and made many custom changes so I could get 3 different K2 plugins work together. Not to mention help on other K2 stuff that had nothing to do with his plugins and modules!
Reviews: 17
Work great. If you use k2, must have K2 Filter and Search Module
Andrey, the developer, answered incredible quick for support!
Reviews: 1
I've been using the module on my website and it works perfectly! Andrey provides really outstanding support! Highly recommend this module if you need to filter on K2 extrafields.
Reviews: 1
Great tool, works exactly the way I expected it to. The developer even went out of his way to make the tool order by price when using k2mart. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
This control is something that everyone working with K2 must have! It is getting updated in time with new releases of K2 and the support from the developer is awesome!
Reviews: 3
Unbelievable module. Really easy to setup. You dont have to be a specialist. Easy to setup in different languages.

I had problems with my installation, ragarding the k2 version. Andrey was really qucik with his support. Thx.

I would say, the best module for K, definetely.

Great value for your money.

I can really recommend this great extension.


Reviews: 7
Andrey provided top notch, quick, support. I had some questions on how to use it and how to customize it. I gave Andrey admin access and he made some changes and even started the customization for me! Awesome. Will be using this module on all K2 sites in the future.
Reviews: 4
This works great out of the box (though their documentation is a little lacking) but after a few emails, which were responded to quickly, I had it up and running wonderfully!

I had some special customizations I wanted added to this extension and the support from Andrey was above and beyond!!

Thanks so much for al your help!
Reviews: 2
I've had some questions during set-up that were answered quick and clear by Andrey.

Of course there are always things that could be different or better but then it would probably become a monster to maintain...

I recommend this extension, it has lots of functions that someway or another should meet your requirement.
Reviews: 14
Does what it says on the box and is exceptionally useful on sites that make use of K2 Extra Fields.

Even better, the developer is extremely responsive and helpful via support - even when it's your own mistake that's caused the problem.
Reviews: 1
As far as aftersales service is concern, the developer himself is very reliable and very helpful. Thanks a lot for that. i just wish that you extend your worh to be as a component also which is able to manipulate not only the function but the deign output as well. To have many options and adjustments. I will be waiting for that improvements as well as the other Joomla developers also to make Joomla an outstanding flatform ever.
Reviews: 1
I have to say that the module works fine by itself and besides that, the developer is very helpful, efficient and trustworthy.

Thank you !
Reviews: 2
Really disappointed with this extension.

If you want to use it with text fields this is the developer reponse:

"You need to use k2 extrafields with pre-defined values (not text) for
working fine with slider and other not text search fields (drop-down)."

So DOES NOT SUPPORT IT. This is not in the extension information before purchase it.

But the most dangerous thing is that if you use it with 6+ extrafields (in my case) then the native K2 finder plugin cannot reindex the K2 items when creating/editing and YOU CANNOT SAVE K2 ITEMS ANYMORE because the script execution time exceeds the default 30 seconds.

You have to disable the finder plugin, decrease the extrafields used in the module or modify your server configuration to increase the script execution time.

That REALLY RELEVANT INFORMATION wasn't also in the extension info. Breaking the K2 functionallity isn't enough relevant to warn users...

The support answered the email 48h after reporting the issue. So after spending my money I had also to spend my time debugging it to solve the K2 issue and keep my site working.
Owner's reply

Hello, digitaldisseny.

In fact, the problem is that you do not want all to understand better.

1) Work with text fields

It is support it, but it is needed easy manual adjustments.


This issue can not be associated with this extension, because the module and plugin part does not affect to K2 functionality in save/edit items.

Reviews: 2
The module extends the functionality of times in the search component K2. I recommend this module to change the default search is always a component K2.
Developer helps in many areas after the purchase. Helped me to understand and Free finalized by the module I needed feature.
Reviews: 2
As some have said before, the module's interface and a lack of documentation can stump you for awhile or longer. But once you grasp the module, you will realize how extensive it is and thus the interface.

Also, Andrey happily welcomes you to contact him if you encounter any issue. But unlike most developers I know thus far who just tells you it can't be done with their plugin/module, Andrey doesn't just stop at what his plugin/module can do. He attempts to understand my needs and how I wanted the plugin/module to function, then before you know it, he happily customizes his plugin to support my peculiar needs and implemented it for me in the backend, constantly following my emails and adjusting his code until everything is perfect.

I've never been so happy with a plugin purchase until now. This is truly the best I ever bought. 5 stars! Oh, I kept saying plugin/module because it comes together =)
Reviews: 9
I've been using this extension with K2 and I think it works well. I'd read support was good, but I didn't need it, so all the better. I though it was all fairly self explanatory in set-up and use too.

One thing to mention, the set-up of the module does not totally fit in with what you might expect in relation to making template overrides. It is customizable via overrides, but not all of it, so I did have to modify the module itself for a couple of tweaks. That said, that's a minor gripe, and on the whole it it excellent.
Reviews: 3
I have never encountered a support so professional. Andrey goes far beyond what one can expect. The product is superb but just a bit confusing to make it run at first, nothing major.

Overall: Excellent. I´m willing to use/buy his other products
Reviews: 7
I'm really impressed with this module!
Easy to use, great functionality & excellent support!
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