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Related Content for K2 Module

K2 Related Content is a Joomla module that display the related K2 articles of the current K2 item. You can configure what you want to display via administration settings.

- custom template possibility
- related article mode : by category,by tags, by category and tags, by category or tags
- related by specific categories/tags
- number limit of items
- display/hide title
- diplay/hide the introtext
- limit length of introtext
- display/hide the fulltext
- limit length of fulltext
- display article image
- customize image size
- choose article image position
- display category link
- display creation date
- display/hide the extra fields
- display/hide a tooltip on the title
- display/hide a read more link
- order items by creation date/ modification date/ item id/ hits
- order direction ascending/descending

this module is compatible Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5

/*********/ - 27/02/2012
- bug fixed on tooltip
- tooltip display improve on J!2.5

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Reviews: 6
We had some problems with this module on a 2.5 Joomla which required hard coding php. Forget most of them, but showing trash items was one of them. Something with parameters was another.
Looking at the code, I see don't see best joomla coding. Pitty, because it showed so much promise.
Reviews: 5
This module brings a much-needed "related content" option to K2. While you can create such a module yourself with the K2 tools, it's very basic. K2 Related Content content allows you to customise the image and information which is shown for each item - full text, intro text (with letter limits),image size, category and so on. THE definitive K2 module for displaying related content and making it look attractive. Great work and a must-have!
Reviews: 16
This is a great extension, works as expected.

There are a few features I am desperately looking for, however, but I cannot find an extension that supports them for K2.

1) show articles that have a minimum number of matching keywords
2) sort articles by number of matching keywords/tags
3) exclude selected tags from being included in the search for matches
4) Display items based on selected categories (not just same item category)
Reviews: 6
This module is a gem. It is the ONLY module for k2 that behaves exactly like the joomla related module, and even better, with the ability to relate by tag and category, and both at once....awesome stuff. The support is also ultra fast. All and all ... 5 stars are not enough.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a related item (by tag) module for K2 that works like Joomla related article module. This module gives more. The dynamic relation can be also be established by categories other than tags, saving my client the extra trouble of having to fill out the tags field.

The only cons is that styling is tricky. I can't find the css file (If any) related to this module, hence I do not know where classes like "k2ItemTitle" and "k2ItemsRelatedList" are found. Then again I can overcome this problem by defining them myself in k2.css file.

Considering that this is one of the few K2 extensions that is non-commercial, I pretty much appreciate it for what is is already.
Owner's reply

Hi huiyun thanks for your review

There is no css file in the module, I add these classes to allow the user the possibility of personal style through its css template for example.

I will improve the style of the module in the next version