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Mini K2 Module

K2 is great as CCK and it's free! That's why we want to contribute too to be part of it by providing this awesome K2 extensions. So many K2 extensions are commercial, but not this.
Combining various great features from all over the net like JQuery Masonry, Quicksand, Thumbnail Proximity, will make your K2 items listing looks awesome.

Mini K2 Features:

+ Display item's thumbnail, title and introtext using Masonry Effect.
+ Display item's thumbnail, title and introtext using thumbnail proximity effect.
+ Display item thumbnail images like a portfolio with filtering using JQuery Quicksand effect.
+ Or how about displaying a simple newsticker?
+ Powered by JQuery and some CSS3 features for sure.

Grab this module while it's hot.

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Reviews: 9
A very straight forward extension to install and configure. Great selection of display ,modes and very simple to change between them. Gives a nice, simple and inviting display to your site visitors. Can be installed multiple times for individual page displays.
Reviews: 2
It is a very good module that Im looking for. Highly recommand!
Reviews: 1
Beautiful module for your K2 presentation! This module has a lot of options, looks amazing, works exactly as described and has really good support. Hard to believe it’s free.
Reviews: 8
When you see how beautifully this model can transform the presentation of a K2 based site and how well supported it is you have to wonder how it can be free!
Many thanks to the developers.
Reviews: 15
I've been looking for a module to display my K2 articles WHILE showing sub-genres. While I couldn't quite find what I was looking for (a module to show the children of a category as their respective cat-images in a scroller/loader), I found that while using Mini K2 with a certain template your sub/child categories will show as filters above this BEAUTIFUL wall of my articles (using the portfolio template - they are set to create a wall of my article images). Very good module indeed! I love that gems like this are free. Makes it so much easier on those are creating our own websites as we aren't paid to do so. 5*s
Reviews: 5
This extension allows you to make your K2 listings look a *lot* more interesting and slick than the standard listings. It's easy to use, and tweaking the CSS allows you to customise it in order to get the look and feel correct for your site.

One minor gripe I have though: when you click an item to read it, the item opens underneath the listing. If your listing extends off the bottom of the page, you won't see this happen, and you'll be left wondering (as I was) where the item is. Far better, in my opinion, would be to open the item in its own window, i.e. in the way that items open from the normal K2 listings. Is there any chance this could be made available as an option?

Apart from this, I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this extension, and many thanks to the developers who built it. It's a great job - definitely one of the very best K2 extensions.
Reviews: 2
Wow, I had been looking for ages for this sort of module and I found it, and it's free too. Despite it's humble name, it's the best sort of module of its kind. You can vary the appearance of it, and it shows thumbnails. The styling is very nice too-I don't have to change it. I can show it vertically, horizontally as a ticker, a portfolio or as simple vertical module displaying in the sidebars etc. Highly versatile. Wonderful and very easy to use. You can vary the size of the thumbnails. You can make it to show latest, most popular, etc. Thank you developers, it's a gem!
Reviews: 1
I like this module because it gives a different view for the K2 Content and it allows to modify some parameters. I wish it had some kind of Featured or Most Recent item to pop up from the rest.
Reviews: 1
Portfolio mode is terrific with filtering option but it is useless without any navigation once a portfolio item is clicked
Reviews: 1
What isn't to love about this extension? It is easy to use, works as described and is free. Couldn't be happier.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. Looks very professional and has a pretty good set of options to configure. One that is lacking though unless I am overlooking it is the ability to disable k2 plugins. This alone makes it a show stopper for me.

I look forward to an update that allows me to disable them.
Owner's reply

hi eMotive thanks for such kindwords. There's a solution on the discussion. Have you tried it yet?