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Filtrify for K2 Module

K2 Filtrify is an advanced filtering module based on K2 Items. Using K2 Filtrify you can search extra fields and filter items by multiple values from different extra fields, also you get a live feedback on the number of items containing related values.

How to use K2 Filtrify?
K2 Filtrify makes use of the new HTML5 "data" attribute to store the metadata. To create the "data" attribute K2 Filtrify get the name of the extra fields and their values.

There two important things that you must know when creating the extra fields and their values:

1. The name of the extra field is the name of the filter (panel) generated by K2 Filtrify
2. If you want to have multiple values per one extra filed(filter) you must separate them with comma –"," Example: "Comedy, Drama, Thriller"

Features provided by K2 Filtrify
1. Number of columns – specify the number of items per row
2. Enable jQuery – K2 Filtrify use jQuery library. By default there is jQuery included in K2, but if you have any troubles with loading it, you can enable this option and jQuery will be loaded by the module.
3. Close panel – Enable this if you want to autoclose the filter panel after selecting a value
4. Callback function: List of additional functions that extend the standard view of K2 Filtrify

- Legend – display additional information about the selected values
- Pagination – display pagination for loaded K2 items.
- Highlighting – Highlight the selected items, and does not hide the items that don’t match the filter criteria.
- None – standard view of K2 Filtrify

5. Items per page – specify the number of items per page, when Pagination Callback function is selected
6. Default no result text – Text that is displayed when your search in the panel return no result.
Basic options and Advanced options are standard for K2 content module.

Update History:
v1.5.1 - 01.12.2013
[#] Multiple instances per page
[#] Bug fixes

v1.4.4 - 17.08.2013
[#] UX issue related to extra fields is fixed

v1.4.3 - 05.08.2013
[+] Option to hide the module in item view

v1.4.1 - 21.05.2013
[#] Pagination scroll to top bugfix

v1.4.0 - 21.05.2013
[+] Hide initial results option is added

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Reviews: 1
I bought this plugin after having seen the demo, the result on my website are really great also due to the fast and accurate assistance I received by Set of the StyleWare Support Office. Greta job Set, thanks a lot
Reviews: 6
When i bought this module i was pleasantly surprised at how well it functions!
Support is very kind and friendly and helped edit the layout of the module that fitted the look i wanted.

Styleware's other Filter Product "Filter for K2" is like Filtrify's BIG BROTHER has also alot of cool features too.

Thank you Styleware, fully recommend it, especially if you have a directory website and want to filter all your listings.
Owner's reply

Thank you, Justin!

Reviews: 5
This extension is very good to have professionals in our filter joomla k2, besides the technical support provided by the StyleWare is the best thing to have, very very professional support.
Thanks for all StyleWare for the Jquery solve my conflicts had on my "Caral project" "K2 Filtrify module displays without pagination" It was solved
Reviews: 7
This extension is must have for any site which utlize K2 items for presentation of products. I have successfully make a web catalogue with perfect parameters search with use K2 Filtrify. No bugs, no issues. Maybe some things are missing, some things should maybe look different but this extension do a great job! Thanks SW!
Reviews: 1
Good extension, very glad, fast and good support.
Reviews: 7
Excellent filtering module for K2.
Very easy to setup and very fancy desing.
And everybody knows that the support of Styleware is on enterprise level!
Reviews: 1
Filtrify really does what it is supposed to do but what really stands out is the level of support. Had some problems getting the templates as I wanted them to be but after a couple of messages to the forum everything was solved by them. They just wanted the login for FTP and a superadmin login and they solved the problem directly online with clean commented code. They really set the standard of good customer service.
Reviews: 1
Excellent support. I asked for two new functionalities and they implemented immediately.
Reviews: 11
I've couple of K2 sites.
Filtrify is important part of my K2 e-shop and directory.

Now the user can filter by item extra fields, tags and categories. This is the only filter that can have multipe selections.

Kisses StyleWare, thank you for the help and the support!
Reviews: 11
This is the quickest and easy to use filter that i've seen.

You can have multiple filters and they work togher, also can filter by tags.

I've some trouble with jQuery, but Styleware helped me to solve it.
Reviews: 1
This module has been purchased and installed me at my website. The module is a replacement for the standard output product categories in K2 more comfortable. Pros module that has the ability to filter items by tag, category, and additional fields. Filtering is not on one parameter, as in 2, 3 or more. Also a plus is the fact that the transition between pages category occurs without reloading the page.

Special thanks to mean support for this module, I had a problem with the unit, I turned to the technical support and literally 3 days guys figured out the problem and released a new version of the module, which was referred to me the problem is solved. So I advise everyone to purchase and install the module, you will not regret!
Reviews: 3
I'm always concerned about choosing the right extension...some are better than others, of course. The key is support to me. I loved the look and functions of this extension. Very nice and impressive. Better still, I needed a bit of support and received it quickly. My questions were answered quickly. I'm glad I made this choice!