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Categories Treeview for K2 Module

This Joomla! module is used to display K2 categories in a tree view, like a file explorer. This is useful for using K2 as business directory or any listing type.


* Powered by jQuery, so no more JS is required to be loaded, because K2 already using jQuery.
* You can set the root category
* You can turn on/off displaying items count for each category.
* You can select the number of category levels you want to render.
* Unlimited Domains
* Easy K2 categories navigation.
* Nice looking listing of K2 categories demonstrates the categories hierarchy.
* User Friendly.
* Not encrypted

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Reviews: 1
Although there was Some conflict with my template,but support is very responsive.
Extremely friendly and helpful,eager to help solve the problem.
Issues are fixed quickly and efficiently.

It would be excellent if adding features:
limiting number of characters in menu
in a new window to open the module entry
Reviews: 2
I'm using V1.3
Really useful extension. It would be excellent if limiting number of characters in menu item.
Reviews: 4
There was a conflict with my template. Mohamed responded to my email quickly and fixed the problem fast. Great product and great support. Recommended!
Reviews: 1
Excellent method of navigating categories. I'm using it on a KB article search page for a client and will use it on my own site too. No issues with coding, reacts well to a variety of module positions. Does exactly what is needed. Nice work!
Reviews: 2
Its a good extension and does exactly what it does. I think that is very usefull if you have a big website with lots of k2 items.

I recommend it ;)
Reviews: 1
I had visualization problems after i have installed the new version of K2 (the 2.61 realise) but I wrote to the author who gave me the opportunity to immediately upgrade the new version of treeview. With version 1.1, the module works now perfectly.
Reviews: 13
I deployed this on a bootstrap template. At first, I had some headaches relating to template control over js, but in the end, got it resolved with thorough support.
Reviews: 1
Very useful module for k2 component!
The counters of categories are correct!
Best regards!
Reviews: 9
I was looking for a way to display my k2 categories as a tree menu, and this module, buried deep in the JED did exactly that.

This module didn't work for me on first install... The third level category kept collapsing. I sent an email back to the developer, and the quirk was fixed within 24 hours. Similarly when the new K2 version arrived and there was some incompatibility, the developer once again fixed it right away.

This is a fantastic level of support for such an inexpensive module.

It is a quarter the cost of the alternative that is ranked much higher... And while it is simpler it is very fast loading and also easy to adjust the look, if you know basic css

Bottom line, and great module. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension. It certainly does what it is supposed to do. I'm using it in two of my projects and it's doing pretty fine.
Support is very responsive and although I'm not exactly an expert, the guys at JoomReem were kind enough to help me whenever I needed, even when related to new features requests. Congratulations and thank you.