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DISQUS for K2 Plugin

After few days of searching proper comments system for my site and after long waiting for DISQUS plugin for J! 2.5 from JoomlaWorks I've decided to make my own plugin. It was not very easy for someone, who never tried creating plugins for Joomla CMS.

It is very simple plugin. Comments and comment form is triggered in K2 comments place. There is also comments counter on category page under each item and counter with link to comments in item's toolbar.

Plugin comes with two language files: polish and english.

Plugin works also in Joomla 1.7.5

Feel free to ask questions in comments on extension's download page.

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Reviews: 4
I must say thanks to Marek for this wonderful app. Works straight away with no issues so far.

May God bless him.
Reviews: 9
I put 5 stars as I had email support and a plugin working fine in 3 website on 4. Well done ! :p
Reviews: 7
Works out of the box like a charm.
Reviews: 2
I had to disable the K2 comment because of spam. I installed Disqus but couldnt use it. I was getting really frustrated and then, voila! I found this sweet plugin! Thanks for this great plugin. Its a winner!
Reviews: 3
I was having all manner of spam issues with the default K2 comment system (even with captcha). I had seen Disqus in action on a number of sites and loved how it looked and worked and I tried to integrate the default Disqus plugin into Joomla but it did not seem to work within K2 at all.

A quick Google found this smple plugin that does everything I needed and simply replaces the K2 comment system with just an install. Had my comment system replaced and working within 5 minutes.

Works and fits with my site perfectly and only had to change up one tiny thing. Excellent work!
Reviews: 4
Needed to integrate k2 with Disqus Comments. This achieved that with ease. Just install and enable, its that easy.
Reviews: 1
Just one parameter to enable disqus comment into k2 comments field.
Thanks a lot
Reviews: 17
Great extension to add Disqus commenting to K2. Thanks it works great and easily!
Reviews: 1
Wonderful Plugin ! It worked just fine !

Great Job !

Reviews: 18
Works perfectly and with no glitches. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
This extension worked out of the box for me - using Joomla 3.1.
It lacks configuration options such as setting comments per category.
Reviews: 11
It works very well. A single parameter, but it's necessary, since everything else is gets as CCK itself. Excellent work, thanks for sharing.
Reviews: 2
This so simple and quick to get working. Because I have a slow internet connection it took me 5 mins - I prefer K2 layouts and the standard plugin that is referred to from the Disqus website did not seem to support K2.
Reviews: 3
Magnificent extention served me a lot, thanks and forth
Reviews: 4
This extension is an unbelievably simple solution for integrating disqus with k2. Recommended for all k2 users who want disqus commenting system.

My humble thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 3
Good work.. there is really no proper comment plugin for k2. I tried with lots of plugin and component but all end up with some issues... I installed this plugin and it worked in 2 second.. good work and keep this coming ...
Reviews: 2
Works great! I didn't want people to log in to my site just wanted them to be able to comment quickly and Disqus does that but K2 and Disqus don't like each other...until NOW! Great job again!
Reviews: 17
No need to do anything else but install, add your site's shortname and voilá!
Everything works beautifully.
Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin, works flawlessly on Joomla 2.5.

Thanks Marek for such a great extension.
Reviews: 2
If you're looking for something with almost no setup time, this is it.

All I had to do was install, set the module to a position and pages and then get a Disqus API key for my site.

Otherwise, it style looks great without any effort.

The level of difficulty here is very low and I'm a relatively new user when it comes to Joomla! Thanks so much for this great tool!
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