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Dropdown Menu for K2 Module

This brand new module allows you to create very easy navigation through filtering of the K2 categories and items.

Wonder how it works?

In the parameters of the module, you can select the root category. All sub-categories will be displayed in the first dropdown, once a category is selected, if it has sub-categories, new dropdown with all the sub-categories will be displayed.

If there are items in the currently selected category, a dropdown with the items will also be displayed (not all items, but depending on the limit to display, which is set in the module parameters). The module is very useful, if you want to create a very easy navigation for complex sites with cascading structure. It can be used for filtering and easy search through predefined content (categories and items).

This module allows you to display a dropdown with all categories, their images (resized to 64px width) and description.

Be aware that it will not cascade the sub-categories (i.e. all will be displayed as being on the same level).

Release history:
v1.1.1 - 26.11.2012
[^] Bug fix for K2 2.6.2

v1.1.0 - 4.11.2012
[+] Added Joomla! 3.0 support
[+] Added K2 2.6 support

v1.0.3 - 26.07.2012
[+] Added additional styling to the module
[^] SEF URLs are no longer a problem
[^] $id is not defined where no parent category

v1.0.2 - 21.07.2012
[^] Bug with selection of root category

[^] Bug fix
[#] Change
[+] New feature
[-] Removed feature

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Reviews: 1
Websites with lots of K2 categories and items ,this is the most useful extension!
The support is excellent.
I had trouble customizing the extension and I surprised with customer - StyleWare has been extremely helpful ! I am very happy that I chose this extension!! congratulations!!
Reviews: 3
I have purchased 2 extensions from StyleWare, and am currently using the Dropdown Menu on my site.

An incredibly useful extension - and the only one of its kind for K2 (there is one other, but it has limited functionality and very buggy).

Dropdown Menu is easy to install and configure. Has functions that are not available in K2/K2 Tools. An absolute must for websites with lots of K2 categories and items.

StyleWare's customer support deserves a special mention. I had trouble customizing the extension's look and code to match my site's design and needs - and Set from StyleWare has been extremely helpful (and patient!) with this. Prompt responses, full explanations etc. After a dozen or so emails I now have the desired look&feel, while so of the more time-consuming and non-urgent requests have been added to their to-do list for future releases.

I was pleasantly surprised to see StyleWare willing to help me out so much, especially given that this extension is a one-off purchase, not a part of some expensive "support subscription". Thank you!